She was stunning.  The healthy glow of her pregnancy, the soft drape of her hair, and the way she would caress the moving child within her womb.  The last few weeks of carrying yet another life.  Nicole was a maternity photographer’s dream.  Some ladies, when they are with child, just exude a sensuality that has no words.  They exude a calmness and serenity about themselves that is hard to explain, and as for me…I wouldn’t want to explain it.  Mere words may would take away the sheer ‘aweness’ (my new word) of it.  Somethings are better left to see and think on.  This is one of those things…the miracle of life being wrought inside of  a woman.

She was willing to brave the cold waters of the stream at Catherine Furnace.

Yes, she is a firefighter for her local fire department, and so is Chris, the love of her life.

The life within is…

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