3. Why Choose Us?

June 2, 2009

Hmmmm, why indeed?

As the owner and artist of Kennedy Photography I decided to sit down and really try to figure out the answer to that question. I mean, why me instead of other area photographers? I figured it comes down to answering 3 basic questions, so here are my answers.

Who I am

I am a mother that has been through the Senior Picture Challenge. That is what I like to call it anyway. I had photographers to choose from…the ‘School Photographer’, the ‘Local Photographer’ that was just easy because he was there or the ‘Everybody Wants Him Because of His Name Photographer’. Yes, price was an issue, but I didn’t want images that weren’t fantastic. What did I do, I settled for the Local Photographer (because it was easy and cheaper). The images were good if you liked fake smiles, tree leaning and Styrofoam props. Could I have done better myself…probably, but not with my own children. No senior can open up and be themselves in front of Mom, and Mom will always want the ‘ohhh, he/she is still my baby’ looks. Moms and Dads can’t give you what a professional portrait photographer can.

Oh yes, back to the topic…who I am…I am that Mom that should have hired a photographer that loves artistic, fun, and stylish photography. I am the one that has been there and regretted not hiring someone like myself to do the job. I am a Mom that understands what a Senior wants from their images.

What I Do or Better Yet, Don’t Do

  • I Do make your photo session all about you and who you are Here and Now.
  • I Do give you all the time you need (I make only 1 appointment a day)
  • I Do see You and find ways to bring that out in your images
  • I Do have fun!
  • I Do expect you to HAVE FUN & BE FABULOUS
  • I Don’t use fake props (like the huge “2010″ numbers)
  • I Don’t make you lean against the same tree everyone else uses
  • I Don’t accept cheesy grins
  • I Don’t do boring photography
  • I Don’t limit your clothing choices

I offer you a 100% guarantee that you will love your images. They will be you as you are HERE & NOW. I will make your photo session one that you will remember for the rest of your life, through the images we get and through the memories themselves.

Why It Matters

This is your final year of High School, the year that you will remember above all of the other ones. In this year alone there are the teachers you have come to respect (hopefully), the friends that you have vowed to never forget, the hallways and classrooms lockers that held more of your young adult life than anywhere else. This is your memories. This year is about YOU, HERE and NOW. You will never come this way again. That is why it matters to you and that is why it matters to me.

Lorrie Kennedy