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Every woman dreams of the day that she will become a bride.  Samantha was no exception.  The weather was gorgeous, and the family was excited.  The pastor even said that he just knew Samantha and Bruce were a couple that God meant to be together.  They are so happy together and seem to feed off of one another’s energy.  You could look at them and know that one without the other wouldn’t be a whole individual anymore.  Their love was so sweet and so contagious.  Just watching them made me smile.  I couldn’t hold back the tears as they said their vows, it was just going to happen.  I always seem to cry at weddings that I photograph, maybe because I just see the years of love that is spread out before them.  I understand the vows that they are taking before God.  I know of the promise for “better or worse’, and I cherish the beginning.  Samantha and Bruce have the one key ingredient of a successful marriage…they both have an unwavering faith in Jesus Christ and are patient enough to wait on His answers in their lives.  They have an awesome Christian support system, and I can only see the brightest of futures for them. 

I knew Samantha since she was a little girl.  I had grown up with her Mom.  But Bruce, I only met him in 2009.  You see, I photographed Samantha’s Senior portraits back in 2009 and while we were on her photo shoot there was a guy that wanted to come see her since she was in town.  I thought that was an awfully cute idea.  So Bruce shows up while we are shooting.  I was a little worried about it because most Seniors clam up when a guy that likes them shows up.  Well, Sam didn’t clam up and the chemistry between the two of them was obvious.  They wanted me to do a couple of shots of them together, just for fun, so I did.  Boy am I glad I did now. 

Take a look at this beautiful union of love and commitment.

This is one of her Senior Portraits

Sometimes you know a person…just an acquaintance…a friend of a friend.  You go through life, and the person is like NEVER on your mind.  Then comes a day when you get a friend request on Facebook from someone that you really can’t remember at all.  He hopes you remember him, but you just can’t…not for the life of you can you remember this guy.  He reminds you of who he was, and how you knew one another…ohhhhh, it’s you.  Now she remembers him.  Older guy, dated a friend of mine, back then anyway.  But what the heck, why not talk via Facebook for a while.  She is sweet, out going, wouldn’t hurt someone’s feelings for anything in this world…so they talk, they laugh.  Wow…he’s polite, he’s mature and she finds she likes talking to him.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, let’s meet for lunch in our home town.  Who would have ever known.  That lunch began a lifetime together.  The beginning of their forever as man and wife.  Sabrina and Chris,  exclusive from then on.  She had said she would never date and definitely never marry anyone from her home town, but she didn’t know he was there, just waiting for her to come along.  Two weeks after that first date he KNEW she was the one.  A ring was purchased, he waited for the perfect moment.  Christmas time…in front of their first tree, the twinkling Christmas tree lights were the only lights on, relaxing, happy from decorating that first tree together.  He knelt…he asked…she was shocked…she said yes…and another memory is made.

Chris..what a guy.  Now I have to take a minute to explain…Chris is a Kennedy.  Sabrina is my most beautiful niece.  I often wished she were my daughter.  I married a Kennedy and let me say, he is the MOST WONDERFUL Kennedy man alive.  From my understanding, there is a possibility that Sabrina is challenging that claim. :)   She fully believes she has married the MOST WONDERFUL Kennedy man alive.  My husband says it is the ‘Kennedy Charm’ and he may be right.  I, being much older than my niece, also KNEW I would never marry someone from my home town, and certainly not the man I knew from the past…we were both wrong.  Sabrina did the same thing I did.  She fell head over hills in love with one of the most wonderful, kind, giving, loving, caring, committed, honest men in the world.  As far as I know there are only two of them that exist (there may be more, I just don’t know them).  They are both Kennedy’s, they are both adored and honored by their wives, and well, they bless us with their love on a daily basis.

Sabrina & Chris…here is wishing you both the blessings and love that you so deserve.  I pray that your days together will be as fulfilling for you as the days together have been for Johnny & I.  I love you both very much.

-Aunt Lorrie

ahhhh…the pink shoes

life together begins…

he has a shoulder for her lifetime…

the river has never held such beauty as this…

The day dawned beautifully.  Rain was in the forecast but love was in the air.  Today two would become one, two lives would pledge their tomorrows to one another.  This is their wedding day.

Her hair was spectacular…little diamonds in the curls.  His hair was RED, as it always is…but today he had a twinkle in his green eyes.  He was about to become her husband, she his wife.  Their journey was about to begin and he was so happy!  You could see it all over his face.  She was radiant, and like all brides just before the wedding, she was worried a tad bit.  This young woman, so eager to please people was concerned about the guest that were about to arrive…would they have a good time, would they be too hot, would they all get along…such a lady she is!  She was about to become his wife, his partner, his life long love.

Kristen and Josh knew each other so well…they were sure there wasn’t much that they didn’t know about one another.  But they have discovered something they didn’t know…they love to call each other “hubby” and “wifey”.  How awesome is that!  Makes you want to just call them up and say, hi, can I speak to “wifey” please.  Well, it does me anyway!

I asked the happily married couple a few questions after they got back from their honeymoon cruise, now I get to share the answers with you:

  • Josh, how did you feel when you saw Kristen in her wedding dress?  “Let’s get this show on the road, we have a cruise ship waiting!”  (I paraphrased a little here!)  forgive me Josh but your REAL answer, “I was excited and anxious to marry her even more”,  was not the answer I was looking for, and well…it is my blog and I get to write it.  Love ya Josh!  You are just too cool
  • Kristen, how did you feel as your Dad gave you away?  “I felt excited because I know he loves Josh and I was ready to be married”.  Ok, I can live with that answer.  It is HARD not to paraphrase it, but I will leave that one.
  • What was the best memory from your wedding? “When most of the people had left, me, Josh, Mom and some other family was dancing and doing the Electric Slide and the Cha Cha Slide.” No paraphrase needed here either. lol
  • How many children do you want?  “I want 3 kids, Josh wants 1, so maybe we will settle on 2.” Time for paraphrasing…”I want 3, Josh wants 1, and I know how to talk him into what I want (wink, wink)!”
  • Names for your children?  “Jocelyn for a girl, nothing for a boy yet.” Ooo, Ooo, I have a suggestion!  How about Opey? Josh, you REALLY are just too cool!
  • Where do you see your marriage in 50 years?  “We will be retired and traveling the world!” You know you two, I just bet you will be!

Well world…I introduce to you


Wedding 1

Wedding 2

Wedding 3

Wedding 4

Wedding 5

Last but not least is the portrait that makes all of my heart sing, the portrait that makes me cry.  The portrait that keeps me doing what I love to do.

“She is Wife”

Wife is She