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Erika had been waiting for this day for what seemed like ‘forever’, but she and her family knew that she had waited juuussst long enough.  That waiting ended with Brandon.  Loved by everyone, and a friend to so many.  A hard working man that doesn’t back up when it comes to loving Erika more than life.  Their day started out rainy, but the rains stopped at just the right time.  A beautiful wedding ensued.  The couple did something I had never seen done, they each ushered their mother’s out after the ceremony.  There was something so honorable, and so southern about that.  It brought tears to my eyes.

That wasn’t to be the only thing I saw for the first time that day.  Spray makeup!  Maybe I am seriously behind the times here, but I really had no clue that makeup could be ‘sprayed’ on.  I was so amazed that I totally forgot to take a picture of it.  I know I had to look completely dumb as I stood there with my mouth hanging open looking at the wonder of spraying on foundation.  The makeup and hair artist was a wonder to watch as she went to work getting everyone all gussied up for the ceremony.  Anna Garrison of Pretty Up, from Wallace, was spectacular!  Erika’s makeup and hair were stunning by the time we were ready to do the Bridal Portraits.

You could smell the flowers as Cheryl’s Floral Designs, of Goldsboro, set about decorating the sanctuary.  The bouquets, the boutonnieres, and the candelabras all shone with the most vivid shades of purple, pinks, whites and greens.  Lovely table arrangements followed.  Cheryl is so good at her craft, it makes me want to order a table arrangement for my home, every week.  :)

After this most precious and special wedding was over we were able to get some wonderful portraits done.  The rain had stopped and we made use of the wonderful NC evening.  Then it was time to eat.  The guest were able to enjoy the fare that was lain out by Simply Southern Catering of Clinton, NC.  Unfortunately they do not have a website to share with you, but if you want to have the most delicious meal for your event or wedding you have to call these people.  They are amazing and can lay out some food that will knock your socks off.

Family and friends gathered along the side walk as the happy couple made their way through a myriad of bubbles.  Everyone wished them well and bid them happiness on their journey as a married couple.  I am sure it will be a fun and happy journey for you both.

Erika and Brandon .. we will see you at the next family dinner!  I love you two to pieces!

Dress was bought from David’s BridalWedding dress, bought at David's Bridal in NC, hanging in the Faison Babtist Church

Bridal Shoes worn for wedding in Faison, NC

Wedding ring photo bought at Buddy's Jewelry, NC

Bouquet created by florist for NC Wedding

Wedding cake made for a NC wedding

Such a beautiful brideBride getting ready for her wedding

They are definitely taking a break Groom and groomsmen taking a break before the NC wedding

Bride and her mother having a special moment before the wedding

Bride and her father taking a moment to share a special memory before the NC wedding

Groom and his father pinning on the boutonniere before the wedding

Groom and his mother sharing a memory with each other

She was doing all she could to not cryBride and her mother as bride tries to hold back the tears

Groom and his father put on the tuxedo coat

The moment is finally hereBride walking down the isle in a NC wedding

The way he looks at her says it allGroom sees his bride for the first time in her wedding dress

Bride and groom kiss as the wedding comes to an end

Bride and her bridal party, and the flower girl

Groom and bridal party

Groom, his best man and the groomsmen

Bride and the Groomsmen

Bride and Groom sharing a kiss

Their first portrait as man and wifeBride and Groom in a Formal Portrait

My personal favorite.  Can you imagine how gorgeous their children will be?Bride and Groom being fabulous after their Faison NC Wedding

Bride and Groom in the tunnel of bubbles

The beginning of a long and happy future.  The best always comes to those who wait.  So happy they waited for each other. :)

Wedding Venue: Faison Baptist Church, Faison, North Carolina
Design + Planning: Morgan
Floral: Cheryl’s Floral Designs, Goldsboro, North Carolina
Catering + Cake: Simply Southern Catering, Clinton, North Carolina
Makeup + Hair: Anna Garrison of Pretty Up, Wallace, North Carolina


A warm breeze filled the air and stirred the flowers around the farm.  The mountains were awash in low hung clouds as Nicole and her bridesmaids curled hair, touched up makeup, slipped on sandals, and enjoyed the laughs that every wedding day is filled with.  Nicole was zipped into her custom wedding gown, fastened into her ‘fire red’ heels and kissed by her Pawpaw and her Daddy.  She was ready to walk the ilse and marry the man she had been in love with since high school.

There story began in high school, then a child.  The relationship only got better as they considered marriage many times.  Another beautiful little girl later, and then the question…and she said yes!  Chris was excited as friends and family began to gather on this day.  He was ready to marry the woman he had loved through thick and thin.  There story couldn’t have been any other way.  That is just Chris and Nicole, and the way they roll.

Chris waited for Nicole beside the firetruck that symbolized a large part of their lives together.  Chris and Nicole both are volunteer fire fighters for the town of Stanley, VA.  They really have felt the ‘heat’ together. :)   As he saw her he was stunned once again at how beautiful this woman, the mother of his children, really is.  She was radiant, with her Dad and Pawpaw on each arm.  There in front of the firetruck, their family and friends, they promised to love one another ’til death.  We all know they will.

Together they enjoyed the rest of their wedding.  Eating, drinking, dancing, and simply being with the people they love.

Nicole & Chris – from the first photo shoot documenting the miracle that became Bailey, until the day you married, I have been blessed to be a part of your lives.  I know the two of you will be happy and devoted to one another for the rest of your lives together.  What can be more wonderful than a future as man and wife?  I am so happy for you both, and may many glorious days fill your future.  With much love and thankfulness…Lorrie K

Love the details!Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy PhotographySuch a beautiful place for a wedding!Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy PhotographyOne of my favorite Nicole images!Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy PhotographyUmm, yeah…love the detail shots!Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy PhotographyKhimaira Farms flower gardens have met their match in the lovely Nicole.  She outshines the flowers sooo naturally.The girls got their swag on in these rides!Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy PhotographyShe is so excited.  About to become Mrs. Cash!Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy Photography

Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy PhotographyDaddy and his girls!  ‘Bailey, where’s the ducks?’Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy Photography

Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy PhotographyThere’s those cowgirl Firegirl shoes!  The two of them are so happy as they promise to love each other forever.Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy Photography

Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy PhotographySee ya later Mr. & Mrs. Cash!Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy PhotographyTime to party!Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy PhotographyUmmmm, yeah…these two are crazy!Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy Photography

Khimaira Farm Wedding - Lorrie Kennedy Photography

First Attempt at A Contest

January 28, 2012

Not going to promise that I will be faithful to blogging this year, but I will promise to TRY to be faithful to blogging.  It just seems like I have a writer’s block for the last couple of years.  Don’t know why, but if I don’t get back on the proverbial ‘horse’ then I will never get back on probably.  So, here we go again.

My day today consisted of sitting in front of this computer watching a live-stream class put on by Creative Live, featuring Zach & Jody Gray.  It’s all about wedding photography and it is absolutely amazing so far.  I have even entered a contest with my best wedding photo.  The prize…a new website by ShowIt for a lifetime.  Oh man, I looked at all the other images that were submitted, and though mine is good, there are definitely some WAY better.  I am showing you guys mine…I love it, I loved it when I took it and I still love it today.  It has always been my favorite wedding image.  So, heres to my first submission of an image in a ‘real’ contest with other pro’s. :)   Eric & Michelle were just so in love, and as far as I know they still are.  They now have two beautiful babies and one day I will get to see them again…or I hope I will anyway.  I may have to make a trip to Kennewick, WA to accomplish it, but I am going to do it one day!Michelle & Eric Wedding Picture