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Another hot Georgia day, and another awesome family!  Roderick, Selena & Mason were such good sports with the heat being around 95°.  But in truth I can’t say enough about Mason.  What a doll of a baby!  He was just so cute and so alert to everything that was going on around him.  He never cried or fussed at all.  Roderick & Selena made one fine baby I would say.

But as we all know – the “We Honor You” sessions are done in honor of our military that are deploying to Afghanistan or other ‘imminent danger’ areas.  So when Roderick returns Mason will be almost 1 yr old and so handsome!  I hope that the images of their little family carry Roderick through the upcoming times of his deployment when he is longing to see Selena and Mason.  Roderick, we here are ‘Lorrie Kennedy Photography’ ask for many blessing upon you and we pray for your safe return to Hinesville, Ga.  Selena, hang in there lady and know you have our support!

I hope you enjoy a few of the images of this family.

The Payne family is one of my favorite military families.  Living here close to Hinesville, GA awards me the opportunity to serve our military on a regular basis.  There is nothing I enjoy more than being able to give these families the gift of a family portrait just before a deployment to Afghanistan.  I do offer an extraordinary special for these men and women (just because I can).  You see, I have two sons in the military, and I miss them tremendously…and as their Mom I would love it if a photographer were to do this for my boys and their families.  I know if it would mean a lot to me then it certainly would mean a lot to these families as well.  Thus the reason I give of my time and talent for Afghanistan bound military men and women.

The Payne family had chosen me to do their son Chris’s 2011 Senior Portraits.  Through meeting them they learned of my “We Honor You” session and well…I feel so privileged to have been able to do the family portraits for such a great family.  I wish Don the best over in Afghanistan and Carie…I send encouragement your way to stay strong (and enjoy your family portraits).  Chris, enjoy your summer and have a great time in college!

Oh yeah…the “We Honor You” Session must include one family portrait with the deploying member in uniform.  Their is also one clothing change.  Don and Carie chose to have a “Relationship Portrait” done.  Relationship Portraits are always done in black and white and the family members relax and show their love for one another.  A very relaxed and loving portrait is what we hope to accomplish.  I think we managed to do that quite well with the Payne family.

Payne - Relationship Portrait

Payne - Relationship Portrait II

Payne - Relationship Portrait III