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Another diary entry as I promised.

June 3rd, 1977

I went outside tonight to sit and watch the stars.  There wasn’t very many of them, but finally one came out, but there was lightning bugs everywhere though.  It was hot and I got sweaty really quick, but I didn’t want to go back in yet.  For supper we had squash and Daddy made me eat some of it.  I HATE squash!  I almost throwed up every time I tried to swallow it.  It was as bad as when he makes me take Caster Oil for my stomak being upset.  I held my nose so I could swallow it, but it made me get tears in my eyes.  I don’t know why I have to eat what I HATE!  I know if I didn’t that Daddy would whip me.  When I grow up I won’t ever grow squash and I won’t ever eat anymore of it!  I ain’t gonna make my kids eat anything they don’t like.

When I read this one tonight I just knew it would be the one I posted.  The reason for that is because tonight for supper we had fried chicken, corn on the cob, fresh potatoes, fried green tomatoes, and SQUASH!  I can’t believe I ever didn’t like squash…but I didn’t, I really HATED them!  And want to know what else…I made Jesse eat a small helping of them!  Why did I do that?  I don’t really know why…except maybe because I want him to have an open mind about different foods, because I use to hate them and now I don’t, because I am no worse for wear because my Dad made me eat them…add all that together and you will come up with why I really did it…because I want to raise him the old way.  I don’t want to raise him the new way that everyone else is adopting…you know, the do what makes you happy, every child deserves to be able to think for themselves, a child has the same rights an adult has in making choices for themselves, the only give a child what they want mentality, the it’s ok if they have a mind of their own philosophy.  NOPE, I do not want to raise my son in that way.  I prefer to stick with the tried and true method…eat at least one bite of everything on the table, no desert if you don’t finish what is on your plate, wash your feet before you go to bed, don’t forget to say your prayers too, early to bed, early to rise, sleeping late makes one lazy, the best part of the day is before 9:00am, and never forget that if you don’t work you don’t eat.

So, there is today’s post.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading it again and then writing about it.  To all of you parents that take a hard stance with your children, keep up the good work.  They will be better for it in the end!

Tonight’s image is one that Johnny took about two weeks ago.  He loves the sunset and sunrises.  I thought he did an awesome job!  We would love to hear what you think of it too.  Please comment if you get the chance.  We love hearing from you all!


OK, this post is a day late. I was supposed to post it on Wednesday, but I tried to set the blog to automatically post it. Well, it didn’t work. So, a day late, but here it is none the less.

June 22, 1985
I graduate today! Finally! My graduation gown still fits, but I don’t know how! I am getting SO huge. The baby is due today of all days. I am scared a little, but I am ready. The Lamaze classes helped me know what to do. I don’t think I will have the baby today though. I just don’t FEEL like I will. I hope not anyway. It sure would make graduation interesting! Mom, Dad, Billy, Diane and David will all be there. They said they would anyway. I hope Daddy is proud of me. I know Mama is. David is glad it is over with I think. I am glad I managed to do it. It wasn’t easy being pregnant and all, but it is over now. Maybe after the baby is older I can go to college.

That one makes me smile. They all came to the graduation, I didn’t go in labor, Dad & Mom were both proud, and I think David was too. In case you are unaware of who David is…he was my husband. We married when I was 16 (no, we didn’t HAVE to), and we had a son 2 years later. What a wonderful year that was!


I am about to embark on a Wednesday Post tradition (for a while anyway). I have decided to get out my old diaries and share some of my past with you all. It may be embarrassing, it may not…it may embarrass me, but it may embarrass you. We will just have to wait and see. I am aware that after this you all will know me as good as I know me, and you may even think you know me better than I know me, but we will see. Heck, I ain’t even sure I know me, not after reading some of this stuff! So grab your hats, pick up your little girl panties, or little boy drawers and hang on for the ride. Lets see where the past takes us. All comments welcome…I’m sharing so why don’t you share some too. Oh yeah, no names are changed, all identities are revealed, you know me, nothing like the truth splayed open write (right) on the internet! As my dear husband likes to say…’She is my plain and simple, no gray area, gee whiz kinda woman’. Yep, that’s me.

And these will not be in any sort of order…so go figure huh…


The first one will start with a poem…

Just Praise Him

I will praise him in the darkness, I will praise Him in the day
I will praise Him with all of my heart and mind
I will praise Him, Come dark valleys or the brightest of days

Even when all is lost, and time seems too still
I will lift my eyes to God, my Father
I will bow and praise Him for His perfect will.

I will not question His sovereign love, nor consider times before
What glory is there in wishing for blessings of days gone by
When God is simply saying “worship Me and I will give you more!”

Fall down upon those tired, worn knees, and lift your hands today
For when you give God your weary soul, His glory will shine through.
You’ll know the glory of the King of Kings, as He gives you strength for Praise.

LAK 02-13-01

This was written 1 year and 5 months after I became a born again christian.  Some of you know that after this was written, it wasn’t long before I left the church I was in.  I would come to regret that decision many times over, but God has a way of bringing something beautiful out of something that goes so wrong.  You can count on that, no matter where you are in your walk with the King of Kings.