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I am taken aback by the smile of the face above…a day so bright…it doesn’t fit.  It turns my stomach as I type this.  The profoundness of one book, the ability to change one’s perspective of a day, of a myriad of days…

I don’t steal mind you, and I never really would, but just once in a while you read a book that you KNOW belongs on your book shelf, for all eternity…never to return to the cold shelves of the library. It’s got your tear stains on it, your gasp held in it’s pages…those words are a part of you…”The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak.  Read it knowing that you will never be quite the same.  The characters ever etched in your mind to show themselves when least remind you of life, of dying, of pain…and especially with the question…’how can something so ugly and so dark be hideously beautiful?’

After reading this work of pure talent, come back…talk to me.  Tell me what you felt, what you know will ever be in your soul.  Show me the scenes that, for you, were so very clear.  Tell me the moment in which your life was changed.  Then, delve into the images here…can you see it?  Can you see what I was feeling…when I felt the strongest, numbing need to capture, for all time, the ‘book’ that captured me?  Do you see why these images were taken the way they were…share it with me if you do.  I would love to know that you recognize a semblance of what I felt.