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The evening of August 6th was another hot day in Coastal Georgia.  The date had been scheduled and the location picked out.  We were going to Jekyll Island, Driftwood Beach, aster a little studio work of course.  We wanted to get the most amazing images for Hannah (this was her first pregnancy).  She was 8 months pregnant with 4 weeks to go.  We wanted to wait a little past her 7th month just to be sure that she was completely ripe with child.  Well, we did and she was.  She was right on time…husband and kids in tow, and her Mom came too of course.  Such an awesome family.  I would love to go into how well behaved the boys were, but that isn’t part of this blog.  This one is all about the sprout growing inside of such a lovely mother to be.

First we did the studio shots.

After the studio we met up at Jekyll Island.  What a wonderful place to get some portraits for Hannah and Adam to have to always remember this pregnancy.  They already loved the beach, now they can love it even more!  They just had to share it with Nyomi before she was even here.

Then there is my favorites!

You see, normally I would wrap this blog up and say good night and that I hope you enjoyed the portraits of such a lovely woman and her miracle of life that is getting ready to occur.  I would look forward to getting her call that said she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl, and then I would plan an awesome newborn session for little Nyomi.  I gave her Mom my phone number so that she could reach me when Hannah went into labor in a few weeks.  I always get a small gift for the new baby when it arrives and try to take it to the hospital, along with my camera of course!  Nothing like the first day of a baby’s life to capture the awesomeness of newness!

HOWEVER….things don’t always go according to our time table do they?  Well…little Nyomi doesn’t, that is for sure!  I was on facebook the day after the session and saw that Hannah was going to the hospital to get checked out, she wasn’t feeling so great.  I have to say, I was so concerned that I had worn her out on that photo shoot and that it had hurt her!  I mean, I know better really.  I knew nothing HAD went wrong,  Then, the next day I read that the baby was here!  Yep, 4 weeks early!  I was beside myself!  I hadn’t even processed the maternity images and the new baby was here!  That is NOT supposed to happen like that!  Thank God Hannah and Nyomi were alright.

So, instead of ending this blog here…I will share little Nyomi with you.

Born August 8th, 6 lbs 5 oz, 18 in long:  NYOMI ADRIANNA

She was stunning.  The healthy glow of her pregnancy, the soft drape of her hair, and the way she would caress the moving child within her womb.  The last few weeks of carrying yet another life.  Nicole was a maternity photographer’s dream.  Some ladies, when they are with child, just exude a sensuality that has no words.  They exude a calmness and serenity about themselves that is hard to explain, and as for me…I wouldn’t want to explain it.  Mere words may would take away the sheer ‘aweness’ (my new word) of it.  Somethings are better left to see and think on.  This is one of those things…the miracle of life being wrought inside of  a woman.

She was willing to brave the cold waters of the stream at Catherine Furnace.

Yes, she is a firefighter for her local fire department, and so is Chris, the love of her life.

The life within is…