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I met Penny a long time ago.  Well, it seems like a long time to me anyway.  Probably about 8 years I think.  She moved to NC to be with her family and I saw her at church the first time.  I didn’t notice her personality, or her pretty eyes, and not even her quiet but strong demeanor.  What I saw when I looked at Penny for the first time was her hair.  It was and is so stunningly beautiful.  I was so glad to see that she wore it down for her Portraits.  It is so her!

We did Penny’s Portraits right after we got finished with the Watts Family Portraits.  You see, Penny is one of Paula Watts’s sisters.  Yeah, I know,  shocked me too!  I thought if one sibling had such red hair that they all should, you know what I mean?  But no, not these girls!  Penny is so unique and so wonderful to be around.  I was able to get to know Penny better in the hour I spent photographing her than I ever had before.  I am sorry I never took the time in the past to get to know her better.  She is an amazing woman, strong, smart, witty, demure, and SO classy!

During Penny’s session I wanted to capture that strongness in her.  To be able to grasp the past and the future in her eyes.  To be able to look back at these images and wonder what brought her to where she is in life.  Penny is an enigma, one that I know is blatantly full of surprises, and when you least expect it attitude.  I also wanted to capture her self assurance…one that I know has come to be because of her deep faith and commitment to a life serving God over serving self.  Her holiness shines forth brighter than any star that shines in the night.

Have you ever wondered about red haired people…I always have.  I find a fascination in them…I mean…why did God give THEM this awesome head of hair that is the color of Georgia Clay?  It bespeaks a specialness that must have a reason for being such as it is.  Hmmmm, just something else to ponder during my coming hours.

Penny being Beautiful

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Alize is one of the sweetest young women I have ever met.  She is Derek’s (my son) girlfriend.  Now I already have a wonderful daughter-in-law (Randi), but I must say…I wouldn’t mind having Alize in the family too.  The two of them would make me feel as if I really have daughters of my own.  And I know they would both give me beautiful grandbabies!  Yep, I am ready to have some of those around.   That’s right…I am ready to settle into being a Grandma!  I love this feeling too, it is like wanting to see a seed you planted spring up out of the ground and make a new plant.  That is how I see my boys…seeds…I know that sounds a little wacked maybe, but hey…I can be wacked if I want to.

Alize was happy to help me with practicing my photography.  So, while she was here we decided to go down to the barn and get a few images of her.  I think she is absolutely beautiful and was wonderful to work with.  The only problem was that she wouldn’t quit smiling!  Now that isn’t really a problem, but darn, I like those serious shots too!