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Fine Art Photography in Georgia and folding laundry go hand in hand.  Folding laundry is such a mundane task.  Sometimes I think I will never get done.  I always use the kitchen table so I can look out the picture window at the yard and ponds.  Today, as I was folding and looking, I saw the butterflies coming into the yard and heading to the azalea bushes.  I knew I had to get this image.  I grabbed my trusty girl  MiCanon (that’s what I have named her) and my 70-300 4.0.  I didn’t have time to get the tripod so I knew I was taking a huge chance on blur.  I bumped MiCanon up to 3200 ISO, upped my shutter speed to 640 because the wind was blowing the flowers around, I extended all the way to 300mm, and opened up as wide as I could to f/5.6.  Since I didn’t have a tripod and I KNOW that I am not very steady with the weight of that lens on MiCanon, I tried the weird looking elbow hold that I had read about.  OH MY WORD!!!!  IT WORKED!  I will try to explain this hold to you…you bring your left arm straight out, then bend your elbow and bring your fist into the middle of your upper chest area (above booby level).  Then you rest the barrel of the lens on your bent elbow, bring the camera to your eye and shoot away.  Awesome!  The only issue…when the lens was auto focusing I had to lift it slightly off my bent arm so it could do it’s thing.  But for the convenience and quick shot that I needed to make, it worked wonderfully.  If anyone needs to see images of what I am talking about then leave me a comment and I will get some images up for you so you can try it too. :)

These images were not TACK sharp, but they are good enough for me.  I call this slight blur “emotionally focused”…just a wonderful couple of words to use when the image is just pretty like that and it was a complete accident it happened.  I did a slight painter effect on these as well.  Enjoy!

The day dawned beautifully.  Rain was in the forecast but love was in the air.  Today two would become one, two lives would pledge their tomorrows to one another.  This is their wedding day.

Her hair was spectacular…little diamonds in the curls.  His hair was RED, as it always is…but today he had a twinkle in his green eyes.  He was about to become her husband, she his wife.  Their journey was about to begin and he was so happy!  You could see it all over his face.  She was radiant, and like all brides just before the wedding, she was worried a tad bit.  This young woman, so eager to please people was concerned about the guest that were about to arrive…would they have a good time, would they be too hot, would they all get along…such a lady she is!  She was about to become his wife, his partner, his life long love.

Kristen and Josh knew each other so well…they were sure there wasn’t much that they didn’t know about one another.  But they have discovered something they didn’t know…they love to call each other “hubby” and “wifey”.  How awesome is that!  Makes you want to just call them up and say, hi, can I speak to “wifey” please.  Well, it does me anyway!

I asked the happily married couple a few questions after they got back from their honeymoon cruise, now I get to share the answers with you:

  • Josh, how did you feel when you saw Kristen in her wedding dress?  “Let’s get this show on the road, we have a cruise ship waiting!”  (I paraphrased a little here!)  forgive me Josh but your REAL answer, “I was excited and anxious to marry her even more”,  was not the answer I was looking for, and well…it is my blog and I get to write it.  Love ya Josh!  You are just too cool
  • Kristen, how did you feel as your Dad gave you away?  “I felt excited because I know he loves Josh and I was ready to be married”.  Ok, I can live with that answer.  It is HARD not to paraphrase it, but I will leave that one.
  • What was the best memory from your wedding? “When most of the people had left, me, Josh, Mom and some other family was dancing and doing the Electric Slide and the Cha Cha Slide.” No paraphrase needed here either. lol
  • How many children do you want?  “I want 3 kids, Josh wants 1, so maybe we will settle on 2.” Time for paraphrasing…”I want 3, Josh wants 1, and I know how to talk him into what I want (wink, wink)!”
  • Names for your children?  “Jocelyn for a girl, nothing for a boy yet.” Ooo, Ooo, I have a suggestion!  How about Opey? Josh, you REALLY are just too cool!
  • Where do you see your marriage in 50 years?  “We will be retired and traveling the world!” You know you two, I just bet you will be!

Well world…I introduce to you


Wedding 1

Wedding 2

Wedding 3

Wedding 4

Wedding 5

Last but not least is the portrait that makes all of my heart sing, the portrait that makes me cry.  The portrait that keeps me doing what I love to do.

“She is Wife”

Wife is She

Last summer I made a trip to see a winery that I was hoping to list in Venues for weddings.  During this trip I discovered this home.  It caught my eye right away.  As most of you know I am very partial to country homes, and especially those with historical value.  I want the home Johnny & I build one day to have some semblance to these homes.

I have posted my favorite image of this home and I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I did.  I have also included a short write up about it that was taken from the internet.  Enjoy!

George Gilmore was born into slavery at Montpelier about 1810. Like millions of African Americans throughout the South, Gilmore made the transition to freedom after the Civil War. Many emancipated slaves worked on the same plantations where they once labored. Gilmore, his wife Polly and five children lived in this cabin built by family members in 1873 and farmed the surrounding fields. In 1901 George Gilmore obtained the deed for 16 acres from Dr. James A. Madison. After Gilmore’s death in 1905 the property remained in the family until 1920. Archaeological and architectural investigations have resulted in the restoration of this rare example of a surviving freed family’s cabin.