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So it has been about 6 months now and I am just getting around to posting Ethan’s Senior Session.  Yep, I am late, hehehehehe.  Better late than never right?  That’s what I am told anyway.  :)

OK, so I went to Virginia to do these Senior Pictures.  Lorrie Kennedy Photography will travel!  Excellent deals to be had if I like your area too!  :)   (Yes, that was a shameless plug for us).  Seriously though, Ethan’s mom, Allison, and I had this planned from the time that I actually lived in Elkton, VA.  Allison didn’t let me moving to Savannah, GA stop her from hiring me to do her son’s senior pictures.  While I was in Elkton doing Ethan’s senior pictures, I was able to talk her into a couple of family pictures too.  I just love the area, and being able to photograph them all in such a picturesque place was pretty awesome.  All they had to do was walk out their front door, and there we were.  Pretty awesome place huh?

Anyways…Ethan, what can I say about Ethan that these pics don’t say for him?  He LOVES, did I say LOOOOVVVES, music?  He plays awesome, he’s in a band and well, he’s been playing for a long time.  I was hoping to get to hear him play some, but he had prom that night, and well, that was of major importance.  He was such a friendly guy and really didn’t mind having his pics done.  I gave him a questionnaire to fill out about himself so I would have more to write here, but just about every answer he gave me had to do with music and guitars…so, I can say for sure…HE LOVES HIS GUITARS!!!!

I was able to get some pics of him and his little brother Seth, doing one of the things they love to do together.  Yep, airsoft!  The area they had created to play in was awesome!  Made me wish I was a teenager again.  I like to think I could have give them a run for their money.   These two are really close.  That’s not something you see a lot in families…brothers that actually get along.  The bond they share was great to photograph.

Seeing as Ethan is now just a few weeks away from graduation…congratulations Ethan!  You made it man (well almost)!  I expect you will though, actually, I have no doubt.  Hope you and all your friends and family enjoy these last few weeks of your high school years.  Go be something great, and don’t forget to send me a sound track when you cut the first one!  I am proud to have been your Destination Senior Photographer!

Virginia Senior PicturesVirginia Senior PicturesVirginia Senior PicturesVirginia Senior PicturesVirginia Senior PicturesVirginia Senior PicturesVirginia Senior PicturesDestination Family Pictures VirginiaDestination Family Pictures VirginiaDestination Family Pictures VirginiaAirsoftAirsoft

Wow, a year can pass so fast!  It was only a year ago that Robby (my brother) and his family lived here in Georgia.  Seems like it was yesterday to me.  Actually, I wish they still did.  I miss my family in NC, and one day I am going to be able to see them whenever I want to.  Elizabeth and the girls are so fun to be around.  I love her accent (spanish) and the way she cooks, omw!

The images below are from this same time last year.  I am waaaayy behind in getting my personal pictures done.  Having personal memories in print is so important.  I just had another friend of mine lose her computer and all of her pics were on it.  It made me think about how many pictures I want to get printed just because of that sort of thing.  I know that if my house were to catch on fire that the first thing I would grab after making sure everyone was out of the house, would be my albums and boxes of pictures.  I may think about grabbing my external hard drive where the last two years reside, but I don’t know if I would remember it or not.  Family pictures are so important!

Imagine this…you are dead (forgive the bluntness please, but you know how I am)…your children, now grown, are sitting around having dinner together, and they want to look at old pictures of when they, or even you, were a child.  So, if they aren’t in print they then have to all gather around a computer screen and key through them.  Ever who has the keyboard will forward one at a time, and someone, sooner or later, is going to say…’hey, go back for a minute’.  Then they may be OK for a bit then someone else is going to want to control the keyboard.  Who knows, maybe an argument begins.  That isn’t what you would want is it (if you were still alive)? :)   Nope, me either.  So, I print my pictures so one day they can all be sitting there looking at them in print, handing them back and forth, taking the ones they want for themselves…you know, sharing!  I just cant’ see how it can be any better than that.

So go print some of those pictures that are on your computer, put them somewhere, that once you are gone on, the kids and their kids can find them and enjoy them as they reminiscence.

Here is my next batch to print.  It was my birthday and Elizabeth and Robby cooked dinner for us.  It was wonderful and the cousins had a blast.  I know they are going to love these pictures one day!

The Payne family is one of my favorite military families.  Living here close to Hinesville, GA awards me the opportunity to serve our military on a regular basis.  There is nothing I enjoy more than being able to give these families the gift of a family portrait just before a deployment to Afghanistan.  I do offer an extraordinary special for these men and women (just because I can).  You see, I have two sons in the military, and I miss them tremendously…and as their Mom I would love it if a photographer were to do this for my boys and their families.  I know if it would mean a lot to me then it certainly would mean a lot to these families as well.  Thus the reason I give of my time and talent for Afghanistan bound military men and women.

The Payne family had chosen me to do their son Chris’s 2011 Senior Portraits.  Through meeting them they learned of my “We Honor You” session and well…I feel so privileged to have been able to do the family portraits for such a great family.  I wish Don the best over in Afghanistan and Carie…I send encouragement your way to stay strong (and enjoy your family portraits).  Chris, enjoy your summer and have a great time in college!

Oh yeah…the “We Honor You” Session must include one family portrait with the deploying member in uniform.  Their is also one clothing change.  Don and Carie chose to have a “Relationship Portrait” done.  Relationship Portraits are always done in black and white and the family members relax and show their love for one another.  A very relaxed and loving portrait is what we hope to accomplish.  I think we managed to do that quite well with the Payne family.

Payne - Relationship Portrait

Payne - Relationship Portrait II

Payne - Relationship Portrait III