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Hi all.  As you can see I have gone back to my old blog template.  I just like it better.  The other one was nice, but I didn’t like the way the gallery of images cut people’s heads off.  Neither did my sister!  So, anyway….we are back at it with this one.  I like it because you can click on the picture to make it bigger if you really want to see them bigger.  But if you don’t then you can still see the whole thing anyway.  I will probably change it again in the coming months, but we will have to wait and see.

The title to this post says exactly what it is about…how I make a spaghetti dinner.  If you are hungry you will have to get up and go get something to eat, so you may just want to take care of that first.  Just looking at these images make me want to go cook again!

It does seem that after such a long time between post that I would start out with something a little more interesting than making spaghetti, but hey, you just never know what you are gonna get from Lorrie Kennedy do you?!  :  )  I have a lot of stuff to blog about, so hold onto your hat and watch for the upcoming blogs!


we start with oregano and basil (these came from my herb garden – I couldn’t cook without one!)IMG_1838

then we have chives, parsley & thyme (once again…compliments of Lorrie’s Herb Garden)IMG_1840

we chop it all up like thisIMG_1848

and thisIMG_1849

then put it all togetherIMG_1850

next is bell pepper and tomatoesIMG_1846

chop them up and also add some white onion (yellow onion will work too)IMG_1856


and Lordy, don’t forget the garlic!  I use a garlic press for this.IMG_1867

then you have your tomato sauce (I use del monte, plain old sauce)IMG_1852

get about 1.5 lbs of lean hamburger meat & fry it until brown (maybe even REALLY brown) lol.  if all you have is fatty hamburger, that works too, but you have to drain the fat off!IMG_1854

one of my secrets…I always add thinly sliced and cubed lean steak.  It gives it a nice touch in the texture and just seems to make the spaghetti more of a mealIMG_1859


i fry it all in my cast iron skillet.  make sure it is really done (i lke mine past done and a little on the crispy side, adds a little flavor to it)IMG_1861

and here we have Jesse.  we try to get his Bible lesson in while I cook supper every night.  it just seems to work for us that way.  ain’t he cute!  and growing up so fast!IMG_1863

next we put it all together.  i do add the onions, bell peppers and garlic first though and cook them a little while with the meat before adding the other ingredients.  looking good!IMG_1865

i cook this for as long as I need to to get it to the consistency that I like it.  I have of course added a little water to it so it can cook without burning.  we like it thick, but still have some juice to flow through the noodles.  in this image it is ready to serve!  OH, I FORGOT SOMETHING….you have to add a dash of sugar, salt, pepper, and Texas Pete.  Only dashes though.  you don’t want to overdo it!IMG_1876

don’t forget to boil your spaghetti noodles.  we like angel hair pasta.  i’m not crazy about those thick noodles that taste like…well…NOODLES.  I want to taste more sauce than pasta.IMG_1875

next…we have the makings for our salad.  spaghetti always deserves a nice salad.  this all came from the garden.  you can get it at the grocery store if you must, but it is better if you go pick it fresh!  lettuce, brocolli, chives, tomatoes, bell pepperIMG_1868


chop it up anyway that you like.  a salad is a personal creation.  no 2 people chop there vegetables the same for a salad, so just go for it!IMG_1873

here we have supper, ready to eat.  i use brightly colored dishes.  it makes me feel good to see all the colors and textures together.  pretty huh?IMG_1878


and for the true test…my wonderful husband.  he loves my cooking!IMG_1882