A Big Thank You

March 30, 2009

2 post in one day!  Nope, I do not have a fever, and yes, I do have other stuff I need to be doing…but I just wanted to pop back in and say one thing…

I was thinking about all of you out there and well…thank you.  I know you are busy and like me, you could find other things that need doing, but you take the time out to stop in here and read what I have haphazardly decided to write and blog about.  You bring something that feels like home back into my life everytime you comment.  Sometimes you don’t say much, and other times you say a lot.  Be it just a hello, a comment, a link to something you found interesting that you thought I would like too…heck, it just means you took the time for me to know that you are there.  That means the world to me.  You see, without you all out there taking the time, it would just be me and the computer late at night, or in the middle of the day, or even at first light.  But YOU are there, and you let me know now and then.  Thank you for sharing your busy hectic time with me!  What you take the time to say really does count and makes my day.  Even if you didn’t agree with what I said, or images I posted, you are still someone listening to me, getting to know me, and liking me enough to come back now and them.  I really do appreciate you!
And I just want you to know….I love you guys Thiiiiiiiiiiis Much!!

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  1. Krystal Ann says:

    I love you too Sis.

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