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There are times that our intentions just do not come to fruition. No matter what we intended, it just doesn’t happen, and what does happen is no where near what we intended.  Today was one of those times.  Let me share:

It was lunch time and I wanted to open a can of chicken breast for a quick lunch.  I had intentions of putting it on a salad.  I love salad, but this chicken would make it so much better.  I only knew that because Johnny had opened a can of it yesterday and it was soooo good!  It was healthy and it was right there and so easy to fix.  I hadn’t planned out my lunch for today, and for me, that can sometimes be a REALLY bad thing.  If I don’t plan I usually mess up a little bit trying to find something quickly and not worrying about the healthiness of it.  Well, this was healthy and I was so happy that it was going to be so easy to fix.

So, I grab my can opener, my spectacular ‘One Touch‘ can opener.  I have had this thing for 5 years, and I love it!  Opening cans is so easy with it.  It has never failed me.  It cuts right through the cans like a razor should.  Also, it is much easier on my hands (arthritis hurts now and then).  Anyways…on with the story…I put this thing on the can and it starts to cut…then it hesitates…then it stops.  Ok…I am thinking that the batteries have died, they do that now and then.  I have to replace the batteries because once this can opener has a grip on the can it won’t let go until it is through with the whole can opening thing.  So, I finagle the battery change, and…it still doesn’t work…what…still won’t work?  Hmmmmm, so I try to gently pry the can opener off of the chicken can.  It won’t budge.  In the attempt to get it off I turn it over trying to see the blade and how it is attached, and what happens…the water (white chicken in water) runs out all over my arms and blouse.  Well, can you just imagine how that made me feel?  Yep, I bet you can! :)

Now I am determined to get this thing off of my can of chicken.  It has become a major thing for me to accomplish now.  I decide to take the can opener apart to get it off.  I take out the 3 screws I see, nothing, then I find 4 more, take them out…still nothing!  It is still attached and not budging!  I finally get a butcher knife and try to bend the blades on the can opener…nope…but I managed to break the tip off of my butcher knife.  By now I am ready to SCREAM!  Finally my frustrations get the best of me…I begin to try to beat the can opener off with the butt end of the butcher knife.  As you can see, it didn’t work either.  I pick it all up about to throw it into the garbage, out of complete frustration of course, but then I realize…there is still chicken in that can!  I turn it over again…going to try to stab my way into it from the bottom.  I get a bigger, badder, butcher knife, take careful aim, and as I bring it down onto the can, the can flips and the butcher knife drives into my counter top.  I scream, I am so mad!

At this point I am about to pick it up and sling it outside (preferably through the window).  But, in the heat of my anger I remember who I am now and that the ‘old man’ has passed away and that the ‘old me’ was buried alive in baptism and that I have the holy ghost living inside of me and that I am the temple of the Holy Ghost and that makes me a NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST.  Amazing how God’s still small voice can be heard when we are use to talking with Him and we know His voice.  So, I lay it all down, say a quick prayer of forgiveness for the thoughts that I was thinking about that can opener, and I walk away.

Johnny can fix it when he gets home and we can have canned chicken on a salad tonight.

So it has been about 6 months now and I am just getting around to posting Ethan’s Senior Session.  Yep, I am late, hehehehehe.  Better late than never right?  That’s what I am told anyway.  :)

OK, so I went to Virginia to do these Senior Pictures.  Lorrie Kennedy Photography will travel!  Excellent deals to be had if I like your area too!  :)   (Yes, that was a shameless plug for us).  Seriously though, Ethan’s mom, Allison, and I had this planned from the time that I actually lived in Elkton, VA.  Allison didn’t let me moving to Savannah, GA stop her from hiring me to do her son’s senior pictures.  While I was in Elkton doing Ethan’s senior pictures, I was able to talk her into a couple of family pictures too.  I just love the area, and being able to photograph them all in such a picturesque place was pretty awesome.  All they had to do was walk out their front door, and there we were.  Pretty awesome place huh?

Anyways…Ethan, what can I say about Ethan that these pics don’t say for him?  He LOVES, did I say LOOOOVVVES, music?  He plays awesome, he’s in a band and well, he’s been playing for a long time.  I was hoping to get to hear him play some, but he had prom that night, and well, that was of major importance.  He was such a friendly guy and really didn’t mind having his pics done.  I gave him a questionnaire to fill out about himself so I would have more to write here, but just about every answer he gave me had to do with music and guitars…so, I can say for sure…HE LOVES HIS GUITARS!!!!

I was able to get some pics of him and his little brother Seth, doing one of the things they love to do together.  Yep, airsoft!  The area they had created to play in was awesome!  Made me wish I was a teenager again.  I like to think I could have give them a run for their money.   These two are really close.  That’s not something you see a lot in families…brothers that actually get along.  The bond they share was great to photograph.

Seeing as Ethan is now just a few weeks away from graduation…congratulations Ethan!  You made it man (well almost)!  I expect you will though, actually, I have no doubt.  Hope you and all your friends and family enjoy these last few weeks of your high school years.  Go be something great, and don’t forget to send me a sound track when you cut the first one!  I am proud to have been your Destination Senior Photographer!

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