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Wow, a year can pass so fast!  It was only a year ago that Robby (my brother) and his family lived here in Georgia.  Seems like it was yesterday to me.  Actually, I wish they still did.  I miss my family in NC, and one day I am going to be able to see them whenever I want to.  Elizabeth and the girls are so fun to be around.  I love her accent (spanish) and the way she cooks, omw!

The images below are from this same time last year.  I am waaaayy behind in getting my personal pictures done.  Having personal memories in print is so important.  I just had another friend of mine lose her computer and all of her pics were on it.  It made me think about how many pictures I want to get printed just because of that sort of thing.  I know that if my house were to catch on fire that the first thing I would grab after making sure everyone was out of the house, would be my albums and boxes of pictures.  I may think about grabbing my external hard drive where the last two years reside, but I don’t know if I would remember it or not.  Family pictures are so important!

Imagine this…you are dead (forgive the bluntness please, but you know how I am)…your children, now grown, are sitting around having dinner together, and they want to look at old pictures of when they, or even you, were a child.  So, if they aren’t in print they then have to all gather around a computer screen and key through them.  Ever who has the keyboard will forward one at a time, and someone, sooner or later, is going to say…’hey, go back for a minute’.  Then they may be OK for a bit then someone else is going to want to control the keyboard.  Who knows, maybe an argument begins.  That isn’t what you would want is it (if you were still alive)? :)   Nope, me either.  So, I print my pictures so one day they can all be sitting there looking at them in print, handing them back and forth, taking the ones they want for themselves…you know, sharing!  I just cant’ see how it can be any better than that.

So go print some of those pictures that are on your computer, put them somewhere, that once you are gone on, the kids and their kids can find them and enjoy them as they reminiscence.

Here is my next batch to print.  It was my birthday and Elizabeth and Robby cooked dinner for us.  It was wonderful and the cousins had a blast.  I know they are going to love these pictures one day!

Fine Art Photography in Georgia and folding laundry go hand in hand.  Folding laundry is such a mundane task.  Sometimes I think I will never get done.  I always use the kitchen table so I can look out the picture window at the yard and ponds.  Today, as I was folding and looking, I saw the butterflies coming into the yard and heading to the azalea bushes.  I knew I had to get this image.  I grabbed my trusty girl  MiCanon (that’s what I have named her) and my 70-300 4.0.  I didn’t have time to get the tripod so I knew I was taking a huge chance on blur.  I bumped MiCanon up to 3200 ISO, upped my shutter speed to 640 because the wind was blowing the flowers around, I extended all the way to 300mm, and opened up as wide as I could to f/5.6.  Since I didn’t have a tripod and I KNOW that I am not very steady with the weight of that lens on MiCanon, I tried the weird looking elbow hold that I had read about.  OH MY WORD!!!!  IT WORKED!  I will try to explain this hold to you…you bring your left arm straight out, then bend your elbow and bring your fist into the middle of your upper chest area (above booby level).  Then you rest the barrel of the lens on your bent elbow, bring the camera to your eye and shoot away.  Awesome!  The only issue…when the lens was auto focusing I had to lift it slightly off my bent arm so it could do it’s thing.  But for the convenience and quick shot that I needed to make, it worked wonderfully.  If anyone needs to see images of what I am talking about then leave me a comment and I will get some images up for you so you can try it too. :)

These images were not TACK sharp, but they are good enough for me.  I call this slight blur “emotionally focused”…just a wonderful couple of words to use when the image is just pretty like that and it was a complete accident it happened.  I did a slight painter effect on these as well.  Enjoy!