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First Attempt at A Contest

January 28, 2012

Not going to promise that I will be faithful to blogging this year, but I will promise to TRY to be faithful to blogging.  It just seems like I have a writer’s block for the last couple of years.  Don’t know why, but if I don’t get back on the proverbial ‘horse’ then I will never get back on probably.  So, here we go again.

My day today consisted of sitting in front of this computer watching a live-stream class put on by Creative Live, featuring Zach & Jody Gray.  It’s all about wedding photography and it is absolutely amazing so far.  I have even entered a contest with my best wedding photo.  The prize…a new website by ShowIt for a lifetime.  Oh man, I looked at all the other images that were submitted, and though mine is good, there are definitely some WAY better.  I am showing you guys mine…I love it, I loved it when I took it and I still love it today.  It has always been my favorite wedding image.  So, heres to my first submission of an image in a ‘real’ contest with other pro’s. :)   Eric & Michelle were just so in love, and as far as I know they still are.  They now have two beautiful babies and one day I will get to see them again…or I hope I will anyway.  I may have to make a trip to Kennewick, WA to accomplish it, but I am going to do it one day!Michelle & Eric Wedding Picture