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Back in September I was asked to come to the beautiful mountain area of Virginia to photograph the engagement session of Nicole and Chris.  Woohoo, I have been hired to do another Destination Wedding!

I have been blessed to know Nicole & Chris for a couple of years now.  When she emailed me to let me know she was engaged I was ecstatic for her.  She has been with Chris for a VERY long time and let’s just say, it is about time!  I love these two so much.  Nicole is one of those women that is so pretty her personality is completely wonderful.  Chris and Nicole also serve as Fire Fighters for the Stanley Fire Dept.  As you will see by their engagement session, they LOVE being firefighters.  It is the one of the things that they have a passion for that equals the passion they have for one another.   As we were trying to plan their engagement session through emails and phone calls, a theme kept coming up that revolved around that passion.  It is a part of everything they do, so why not part of the e-session and the coming wedding in 2012?  I know it’s sorta silly sounding, but when Chris picked the fire truck up for this session I was so excited.  I was finally allowed to FOLLOW A FIRE TRUCK as we went to the location.  I felt IMPORTANT.  I really wanted them to turn the sirens on and blow the horn, but I guess that would not have been appropriate so I didn’t ask.  It was just totally cool to get to follow the truck and FEEL important.  See, I told you it was silly huh?

Anyway, they completely rocked this engagement session.  How could they not when they are fun together and sensationally fabulous.   And I can’t hardly wait to photograph their special day in July!