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Every woman dreams of the day that she will become a bride.  Samantha was no exception.  The weather was gorgeous, and the family was excited.  The pastor even said that he just knew Samantha and Bruce were a couple that God meant to be together.  They are so happy together and seem to feed off of one another’s energy.  You could look at them and know that one without the other wouldn’t be a whole individual anymore.  Their love was so sweet and so contagious.  Just watching them made me smile.  I couldn’t hold back the tears as they said their vows, it was just going to happen.  I always seem to cry at weddings that I photograph, maybe because I just see the years of love that is spread out before them.  I understand the vows that they are taking before God.  I know of the promise for “better or worse’, and I cherish the beginning.  Samantha and Bruce have the one key ingredient of a successful marriage…they both have an unwavering faith in Jesus Christ and are patient enough to wait on His answers in their lives.  They have an awesome Christian support system, and I can only see the brightest of futures for them. 

I knew Samantha since she was a little girl.  I had grown up with her Mom.  But Bruce, I only met him in 2009.  You see, I photographed Samantha’s Senior portraits back in 2009 and while we were on her photo shoot there was a guy that wanted to come see her since she was in town.  I thought that was an awfully cute idea.  So Bruce shows up while we are shooting.  I was a little worried about it because most Seniors clam up when a guy that likes them shows up.  Well, Sam didn’t clam up and the chemistry between the two of them was obvious.  They wanted me to do a couple of shots of them together, just for fun, so I did.  Boy am I glad I did now. 

Take a look at this beautiful union of love and commitment.

This is one of her Senior Portraits