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I have no excuse for my lack of blogging.  I could try to come up with one, but I respect you all as my friends too much to demean your intelligence.  I just simply had nothing to write.  I managed to get myself into the thought that this blog had to be entertaining or at the very least funny.  When I realized I had nothing entertaining nor funny to write about I was at an instant loss, so I quit.  Sorry, but you know how it is sometimes… don’t you?

For this first blog of 2011  I decided to recap some of the things I learned in 2010.

1.  Never assume you are going to live in one place forever.

2.  Herbs don’t grow the same in GA as they did in VA.

3.  Wood heaters are waaaay cheaper on the light bill than propane heat.

4.  Producing great portraits and pleasing a client will be reason enough for them to call you (even when you are 600 miles away) when they want another portrait.

5.  There is no such thing as the ‘cool of a shade tree’ on a Coastal Georgia summer day

6.  The Shannadoah valley has the most beautiful fall I have ever seen.

7.  Savannah, GA is the most beautiful city I have ever seen.

8.  Ground Hog Pot Pie is really gross.

9.  A skunk stinks no matter how you try to cover the smell.

10.  Georgia has flying piranha.

11.  The less you pray the more you complain.

12.  No matter how old you get, a woman still needs her Dad’s lap now and then.

13.  No matter how old you get, a woman still needs her Mom’s arms now and then.

14.  Marriage helps make one  Holy, not always happy.

15.  The homeless don’t always want a home.

16.  Having a budget is really a ‘freeing’ experience.

17.  I am a photographer, not so great with business management.

18.  I need employees that I can’t afford.

19.  Dusting is one chore that the more you do it, the more you notice when it isn’t done.

20.  I need a personal relationship with Jesus more than I need a church or religion.

No, this is not all I learned, but it is some of the most profound things.  Once again, I won’t insult your intelligence and try to tell you I will blog everyday, or that I will blog on a regular basis.  I wish I could, because there are blogs that I read that if they were to not blog it would drive me bonkers.  I may make the effort to list some of those for you later.  Who knows, you may like them too.  I will tell you that I will try to do better, and that I will catch up on my old Portrait Sessions.  I will show you the good ones and some of the not so good ones,  Because I am real.    I will show you some before and after shots of  images for clients.  I will tell you some of what I did to them.  I will also share some photography tips with you.  I know so many of you now have DSLR’s…and there is so much information out there for you…but I will post some simple things to help you along the way.

But for now…I will share us with you…