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After getting to Virginia later than I had planned I was unable to meet with Emily.  So, I broke my first rule…’always meet the portrait client before doing their portrait session’.  Yep, broke it for sure.  I wasn’t sure when I was going to be able to meet Miss Emily, but I was sure that I needed to!  Our photo shoot was to be on Saturday afternoon and I was getting nervous!  The only communication we had had was over the phone and in emails…so not enough for me!  Well, I was finally able to meet her on Saturday morning.  We didn’t get a lot of time so I felt I was going to be shooting from the hip with trying to capture Emily’s personality.  And if you know my work at all or how I work you KNOW that I have to capture the personality!  Generic Senior Portraits just don’t work for me.  Just saying…

So, after the few minutes with her I was pretty confident that I could get somewhere close to what I wanted.  She was so beautiful and her hair…Oh My…her hair.  It was to die for.  There was nothing about this young woman that wasn’t awesome.  Her personality, her smile, her easy mannerisms, her laughter, her politeness, and her drop dead gorgeous legs!  She was pretty sensational and she knew jsut how to pose.  She took very little coaching and well, she rocked her Senior Portrait session!  We had to split up the time…so we did some work on Saturday evening and then met back up at 7:00am on Sunday morn.  Yep, she got up, was ready and on time too!  That’s right…she ain’t scared of the mornings!  You go Emily!

So, let me introduce Emily…

My favorite drink is water, my favorite magazine is Vogue, and my favorite type of music is country.  I love summer because of the simple fact I don’t have school, and I can lay in the sun all day because I LOVE being tan, but fall is probably my favorite season. I have a boyfriend, who really brings out the “country” in me, by dressing in cowboy boots, button up flannel shirts and of course listening to country music.

My dream job is to be a lawyer and in 10 years I see myself being a successful lawyer with a husband and family.  One person I would like to meet is Brett Favre and the first person I had a crush on was Dillon Dean.  The last meal I cooked was probably Ramen noodles.  that’s ok, lawyers are too busy to cook!

My biggest accomplishment in High School so far was passing a college placement test for a class I’m taking.  I’m nervous about my senior year because next comes the real world and I don’t really want to grow up.  3 things I am looking forward to for my senior year are no more high school , homecoming & prom.  Senior year is such a big deal to me because it’s the last time I see the people I’ve grown up with before they leave for college.

My most embarrassing moment was in 3rd grade, we were in P.E, and my shoes were untied and I tripped on the laces in front of everyone.  2 things no one knows about me are I’m super insecure, and I hate when people make fun of me (even though i laugh along with them).  I think the 2 most important things in a great friendship are trust and humor and if I was on a deserted island the 2 things I would have with me would be my iPod, and someone else.

I’m excited about having my senior portrait done By Lorrie Kennedy Photography because her work is GORGEOUS!    shameless plug for me! ;)

The first time I heard from Jake’s mom she was emailing me from Elkton, VA.  When I told her I was now living in Georgia, she was still interested in my doing Jake’s Senior portraits.  Let me be the first to tell you that when someone likes my work enough to bring me there to do their portraits…I have to get a bigger hat.  I don’t want to ever let it go to my head you know, but it does FEEL AWESOME!  I had gone back to Virginia on numerous occasions to photograph other people and was excited to be hired to come back again.  This time it was for a Senior and it was fall!  My two favorite things combined!  I absolutely love to shoot Senior Photography.  That is where my heart is when it comes to what I do.  So, to say I was happy is an understatement.

Jake…what a Spectacular senior he is!  So polite, funny, smart, and so CUTE.  I mean really cute!  He has these gorgeous eyes that I just know will cause many heartbreaks in his future.  The first one may just be his Mom’s when he is ready to move on into his own adulthood.  She loves him so much that it just oozes from her pores.  Jake really is pretty great and his Mom knows that she did a great job with him.  Way to go Tammy, and Jake…man, don’t let anything stop your dreams!

So let me introduce Jake…

My favorite beverage is water and my favorite website is and  My favorite song is “Let it Be by The Beatles and my favorite magazine is Popular Mechanics.  Pretty interesting character, don’t ya think?  He likes computer stuff and working on cars…a contradiction I’d say, but that makes Jake just Jake.

The first person I had a crush on was Caline Rexrode and I would like to meet Kendra Wilkinson one day.  The last meal I cooked was steak and my unusual talent is belching.  My favorite thing in my closet is my suits.  here we go again with the contradictions!

Three things no one knows about me are : I’m afraid of failure but an confident I can do anything.  I’m self conscious about stupid things, and I’m going to be rich someday. I think that the two most important things in a great friendship are a sense of humor and trust.

High School – my biggest accomplishment so far was making the Social Studies Honor Society.  In 10 years I see myself building a career and living happily with my family.  I am most nervous about my Senior year because after this, everything becomes real.   My dream job is to restore and sell classic cars.  I wonder what Jake considers a classic car?  Did I drive one?

And there you have Jake!   Our session was awesome…let me tell you…Jake was a trooper.  Most guys don’t hold out as long as Jake did, but I think he may have lasted so long because his mom was there and she was prodding him along.  Tammy, thank you so much for having his clothes ready and ironed!  You two were awesome to work with!