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What do you say about two people that have had a huge impact in your life?  Do you talk about that impact, or do you talk about how wonderful they are, how much of an inspiration they are, how much you look up to them, how their love for God and others has helped shape how you look at others and how much you have learned to love God through their example.  There is so much I could write about these two, but I will stick with the time that I spent with them for their visit down South in Savannah.

We were blessed with three days of nice weather…and in Georgia that means below 90°F.  Euell and Kay came down from their home in NC to see the sites and experience Savannah.  I was able to spend lunch with them one afternoon.  We got together with some of my friends who have now become their friends.  Over a wonderful meal at Mrs. Wilkes we were able to talk, reminisce, laugh, eat too much, and have a wonderful time!  Then we took a walk around the parks of Savannah.  I have a confession to make…when I knew they were coming I was concerned with the thought of ‘how much can they handle of walking, given the fact that they are Seasoned Saints and all?’  I went as far as to call their son Brent (you can see their family pictures here – they look so much alike!) and ask him.  He quickly told me that they could probably out walk me.  WELL…he was so right.  To think I was concerned about their health…boy was that a wasted concern!  A life time of living for God and taking care of oneself has blessed them with health in abundance!

Oh yeah…just so you know…Bro. Euell was one of the 2 pastors that performed mine and Johnny’s wedding ceremony.  That’s right…we wanted to be doubly sure that it was going to stick!  Seriously, we respected both Euell and his son Brent so much that we wanted them both to have a place in our wedding ceremony and the commitments that we made before God that day.  Euell and Kay will always be a special part of my life.  I was so  honored that they would come to Savannah to have me take their portraits.  I hope that I was able to capture their love and commitment to one another in a way that will make them smile when they see these images.

Class of 2011 – Kalee

October 21, 2010

Kalee called to set up her design consultation.  What an awesome young woman she was!  Her bubbly personality, her beautiful eyes, her quick sense of humor, and her streak of determination made for a wonderful Senior Portrait Session.  I like to call the seniors I photograph “Sensational Seniors”, and Kalee fit the bill perfectly.  She is truly sensational!

During her design consultation we decided to go to Savannah, more specifically the cemetery and River Street.    Once getting to know her personality and her propensity to enjoy mystical things (especially dream catchers), we decided that was a good choice for her location.  Anyone that knows me knows that I love to do on location sessions at River Street!  SO many opportunities there for great images.  Awesome backdrops, fun places, dirty places, just all sorts of wonderful things.  The only thing I haven’t been able to find there is graffiti.  I would love to have  a big graffiti wall, but not bad enough  to get put in jail for it!  Looks like I just may have to do one here at the studio.

So off to Savannah we go.  Kalee’s mom Vanessa came with us along with my two assistants, Jesse and Glenn.  The weather cooperated, it was a much cooler evening in Savannah, but what we didn’t know was that it was the weekend of October Fest!  So, we had to stay out of all the crowds and still get great images.  I think we accomplished it perfectly!

Introducing Kalee!

The Place to Be

My friends call me Pud, and my favorite drink is Mango Tea from Chili’s Restaurant.  I hang out on Facebook and Youtube.

Pleasures of Life

My favorite song is “All My Loving” by the Beatles, and if I could meet anyone I would love to meet John Lennon. (Who woulda thought?)

My first crush was on Aaron Carter (singer), and my favorite magazines are Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and Nylon. (I think I need to check these magazines out – sound interesting ‘Nylon’).

My biggest accomplishment thus far in High School was getting nominated for the Governor’s Honors Program by two different teachers. (way to go Kalee!)  My dream job is to be a Behavior Analyst.

My favorite thing I have in my bedroom are my Dreamcatchers, and my most unusual talent is that I can say the alphabet backwards really fast.

Senior year is a big deal because I’m about to start life in the real world.  In ten years I see myself living here in Savannah with a good job with good pay.

If I were on a desert island I would have to bring a laptop with internet and air conditioning. (aw Kalee, you are from Southern Georgia girl…you gotta be use to the heat by now!)  Trust and loyalty are the two most important things in a friendship.

Senior year – most nervous about the fact that it could make me or break me.  Most excited about our senior trip, prom, and being the yearbook editor.

For those that didn’t know, Kalee also enjoys photography.  Check out her work on Kaylee’s Photography

My most embarrassing moment is getting tangled in the jump ropes during gym in middle school.  Things people don’t really know about me…I have a few white/blond eyelashes, I have a birthmark on my leg, I sleep with a Pocahontas blanket every night, and I LOVE GLITTER!

I chose Lorrie Kennedy Photography as my Senior Photographer because her work is amazing and she has imaginative and cool ideas!   She is a joy to work with and I can’t wait for my prints.  The portraits are everything I expected and more.

(humbly) Thank you Kalee…you are a Sensational Senior!  I wish you the very best!