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I have often wondered what characteristics make a Southern Lady a Southern Belle?  Then I met Lexi.  She alone has helped me define what a Southern Belle actually is, because she is just that!  I have concluded that they have smiles that light up a room as they enter it, manners that always put everyone at ease, expectations that are unassuming at best and accents that make you feel like you just stepped out of Gone With The Wind.  Lexi was all of this and more.

I contacted Lexi on Facebook (so afraid that she would consider me a stalker or something weird) to ask her is she would consider being my first Class of 2011, Long County High School Senior model representative.  She admits that she did wonder when she first saw my Facebook message, but that her Mom said to just call me and see if it was real.  Well, it was real and she accepted.  We gave Lexi 2 of our most popular sessions – River Street | Urban Style and to Jekyll Island | Beach Style.  And wow, she ROCKED both of these places!  I can guarantee you will see more from Lexi in my future work, if she wants to of course!

Let me introduce you to Lexi – Lorrie Kennedy Photography’s first Class of 2011 Senior Model:

My friends call me Lexi, my favorite drink is Dr. Pepper, my favorite website is FACEBOOK (duh), my favorite song is “Farmer’s Daughter“, and I would love to meet Channing Tatum!

My first crush was on Mark Home, my favorite magazines are People and Seventeen,the last meal I cooked was Chicken Alfredo and my biggest High School accomplishment was being in the top 10 for highest GPA in school.

My dream job is to be a pediatrician, the most unusual talent I have is being able to twist my tongue completely around, favorite thing in my closet is my Marilyn Monroe stuff, and the 2 most important things in a great friendship is truth and honesty.  I’m excited about having my Senior portrait done by Lorrie Kennedy Photography because she is an amazing photographer, she takes original pictures and she captures the personality of the person. (shameless plug for myself here!).

On a deserted Island I would want to have food and a cell phone, and I am nervous about the senior project that we have to do this year or we don’t walk.  I am looking forward to graduation, easy classes and spending my whole senior year with all my friends.  Senior year is such a big deal because its the last chapter before my life really takes flight.  There are 3 things that no one knows about me…I am scared to death of spiders, I sleep with a teddy bear every night and all I do at home is study.

Lexi…it was a pleasure to be your Class of 2011 Senior Photographer!  Love ya girl!

The day dawned beautifully.  Rain was in the forecast but love was in the air.  Today two would become one, two lives would pledge their tomorrows to one another.  This is their wedding day.

Her hair was spectacular…little diamonds in the curls.  His hair was RED, as it always is…but today he had a twinkle in his green eyes.  He was about to become her husband, she his wife.  Their journey was about to begin and he was so happy!  You could see it all over his face.  She was radiant, and like all brides just before the wedding, she was worried a tad bit.  This young woman, so eager to please people was concerned about the guest that were about to arrive…would they have a good time, would they be too hot, would they all get along…such a lady she is!  She was about to become his wife, his partner, his life long love.

Kristen and Josh knew each other so well…they were sure there wasn’t much that they didn’t know about one another.  But they have discovered something they didn’t know…they love to call each other “hubby” and “wifey”.  How awesome is that!  Makes you want to just call them up and say, hi, can I speak to “wifey” please.  Well, it does me anyway!

I asked the happily married couple a few questions after they got back from their honeymoon cruise, now I get to share the answers with you:

  • Josh, how did you feel when you saw Kristen in her wedding dress?  “Let’s get this show on the road, we have a cruise ship waiting!”  (I paraphrased a little here!)  forgive me Josh but your REAL answer, “I was excited and anxious to marry her even more”,  was not the answer I was looking for, and well…it is my blog and I get to write it.  Love ya Josh!  You are just too cool
  • Kristen, how did you feel as your Dad gave you away?  “I felt excited because I know he loves Josh and I was ready to be married”.  Ok, I can live with that answer.  It is HARD not to paraphrase it, but I will leave that one.
  • What was the best memory from your wedding? “When most of the people had left, me, Josh, Mom and some other family was dancing and doing the Electric Slide and the Cha Cha Slide.” No paraphrase needed here either. lol
  • How many children do you want?  “I want 3 kids, Josh wants 1, so maybe we will settle on 2.” Time for paraphrasing…”I want 3, Josh wants 1, and I know how to talk him into what I want (wink, wink)!”
  • Names for your children?  “Jocelyn for a girl, nothing for a boy yet.” Ooo, Ooo, I have a suggestion!  How about Opey? Josh, you REALLY are just too cool!
  • Where do you see your marriage in 50 years?  “We will be retired and traveling the world!” You know you two, I just bet you will be!

Well world…I introduce to you


Wedding 1

Wedding 2

Wedding 3

Wedding 4

Wedding 5

Last but not least is the portrait that makes all of my heart sing, the portrait that makes me cry.  The portrait that keeps me doing what I love to do.

“She is Wife”

Wife is She

What was it about English class?  The first time she met him was in English class, 10th grade.  Red hair, green eyes and he seemed so nice.  He noticed her…but she wasweird.  Fast forward to Senior year, another English class.  This time she wasn’t so weird and he was still red headed and cute.  And that is when it began.  The smiles, the laughter, the melting hearts, the stuff that gets you through your senior year together, and then onto college still hanging on.  I asked Kristen and Josh what they loved most about one another – and their answers made me so happy to be a part of this couple’s life.

Kristen : “Josh can always make me laugh when others have upset me.  His laughter and his smile are the things that cause me to go all mushy inside.”

Josh :  “The way Kristen cares about me and about others is what I love most about her.  And my heart melts when she smiles and she looks at me with those eyes.  Well actually everything about Kristen makes me melt.  The first time I kissed Kristen I felt a jolt of surprise and all fuzzy inside.”

With many beach trips, darkened theatres, and nights out dining, they fell in love.  Josh proposed to Kristen.  And because of this I was able to meet them and become part of their specialness.  The engagement session was to be held at Statesboro, near the college they attend, but alas…the weather prevailed and we rescheduled  until later.  We ended up in Hinesville, where they are both from.  It was hot, and it was sticky, and I had sweat in places I forgot sweated.  It is so amazing though, that no matter how hot it was in Southern Georgia that day, Kristen and Josh were still happy to be touching, laughing and just enjoying their time together.

Engagement Session 1

Engagement Session 3

Engagement Session 4

Engagement Session 5

Engagement Session 6

Engagement Session 7