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Last summer I made a trip to see a winery that I was hoping to list in Venues for weddings.  During this trip I discovered this home.  It caught my eye right away.  As most of you know I am very partial to country homes, and especially those with historical value.  I want the home Johnny & I build one day to have some semblance to these homes.

I have posted my favorite image of this home and I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I did.  I have also included a short write up about it that was taken from the internet.  Enjoy!

George Gilmore was born into slavery at Montpelier about 1810. Like millions of African Americans throughout the South, Gilmore made the transition to freedom after the Civil War. Many emancipated slaves worked on the same plantations where they once labored. Gilmore, his wife Polly and five children lived in this cabin built by family members in 1873 and farmed the surrounding fields. In 1901 George Gilmore obtained the deed for 16 acres from Dr. James A. Madison. After Gilmore’s death in 1905 the property remained in the family until 1920. Archaeological and architectural investigations have resulted in the restoration of this rare example of a surviving freed family’s cabin.