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I pulled up into the barn yard, and there she was…one of the prettiest country girls I have ever seen.  Dana is everything I hoped she would be in front of the camera, and then some.  She had all of her clothes in the bed of her F150 4×4 pickup truck.  It couldn’t have gotten any better than that, or could it?  I mean, this young lady wasn’t just wanting to be country, she is country! Her personality fit the surroundings of the barn yard, and her charm was evident in the way my 10 year old reflector holder blushed everytime I caught him looking at her.  Boy oh boy, she already has them smitten from the little guys to the big guys.


For the first part of our photo shoot we decided to head down to the creek.  Tall weeds, bugs, spider webs…nothing stopping her though…Senior_Hensley_Dana_08-03-09_011

Next we decided to strike out into the field of flowers.  The flowers paled in comparison.

collage 01


Then wouldn’t you know it, she pulled out a pink plaid, makes her look very girly, girl to me!  Oh yeah, you have to know…she told me she didn’t like the girly girl look…yeah right!  Looks like she is doing pretty good with it!

Collage 02

Then there was the little black dress and the barn…what a contradiction in terms!  But she rocked that dress and the barn!



Of course, it wouldn’t be Dana’s pictures if we left out her pets!


I’m telling you…she is a TRUE cowgirl!


And we could not forget Jasmine!  What a pair these two made!  Don’t you just love the girly girl dresses that she “didn’t want a lot of pictures in“, because they just weren’t herShhhhh, don’t tell her how well she pulled it off, it would just kill her!




Of course, we had to do the beautiful girl in the field of flowers…she just has it like that, you know…


Then there was the point where we came back to the barn…and we had another outfit to use…nothing like “unlimited clothing changes”!


And last, but certainly not least…a girl and her TRUCK!


Dana, you rocked your Senior Photos girl!

There are days that seem to lend themselves to exploration, and June 10th was one of those days.  Yes, it was 2 months ago, and I have been meaning to blog about it for weeks, but just never got around to it.  Maybe it was because the images were not that great, or maybe it was because I always write about Jesse!  But you see, when you have only got one child left at home and he is so sweet…oops, i meant to say so nice and good (can never use the word “sweet” for him, he would just die!), you just can’t help but take his pictures and write stuff about him.  His life will be so well documented!  I guess that is how it goes with the last child though.  I am NORMAL, i just know I am!

About our fun day…we set out to explore the area beyond Shenandoah National Park mountain range. We went to Ruckersville, Stanardsville, Orange, and many other places on the east side the mountains.

We stopped at a little store and restaurant called Brightwood General Store. This place was SO awesome! The ladies that worked there had the best attitudes and friendliest smiles I have ever seen in ANY business! When you experience TRUE CUSTOMER SERVICE you know it.  They have an “open Mike” night every other Saturday night (I haven’t been yet, but I think I am gonna give it a try). They also make their own pizza that is so good! Even the price is right!


Jesse played some of the games.IMG_2034

I talked of course.  The owners were so friendly.  They knew what customer service was all about! (yes the image is blurry, I told you they weren’t very good images!)IMG_2035

Then Jesse had to ride the antique tricycleIMG_2037

And here he is outside, looking rather sheepish!  I had just told him that I was going to put his picture on the blog and show the world that he still rides a tricycle!IMG_2041

Our next stop was the Elkton Area Community Center.  Here we played a game OR 20 of pool.  He was actually pretty good.IMG_2056

Look, he even holds his mouth a certain way when he plays pool!   Sure hope he outgrows that one because it looks a little retarded!IMG_2058

Thinking through the shot!IMG_2059

Such a look of concentration!IMG_2061

Check out the “behind the back” trick shot!  May have a pool shark on my hands one day!IMG_2062

So there you have what I call a DAY OF FUN in my life!  I’m thinking Jesse must have enjoyed it too.