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There are those of you that are unaware of the breakdown of a true and dear friend of mine.  I have counted on her for many years now.  You see, she is the very first vehicle that I bought BY MYSELF, and paid for BY MYSELF!  High interest rate and all.  When a woman accomplishes such a task she is proud of herself to a degree.  Well folks, I was at a really hi degree of pride in my ‘Ol Jeep’.  You see, she was still running like a champ with a whopping 235,487 miles on her.  I had always kept her oil changed at 3000 miles, tune ups every 60,000 – 80,000 miles, and generally took pretty darn good care of her!  But there were things i should have done that no one ever told me about!

We headed home for Mother’s Day (yes, that is how late this post is in coming to the public).  About 1.5 hours from home the thought entered my head…”Houston, we have a problem.”  That is exactly what went through my mind at the moment that my ‘Ol Jeep’ immediately started sounding like a John Deere tractor.  No warning, no panel lights coming on, no spitting and sputtering, nothing except an immediate, overwhelmingly loud, putt, putt, putt sound.  It really did sound like a John Deere tractor.  For those of you who are not sure of what a John Deere tractor sounds like…I tip my hat in sorrow for you.  It is a sound that you would always remember if you had heard one.

Anyways… it wasn’t a MAJOR problem that caused this.  It was one of those simple things that you are supposed to do that you never hear about or think about if you are of the female species.   That’s right, I admit it, we don’t have ALL KNOWLEDGE of ALL THINGS, but we are always learning!  So you see…the radiator hose was dry rotten after 10 years of life and it busted.  Being as we were going about 75 mph, we lost all the fluid in a matter of seconds, and by the time we got stopped we had burnt the motor up.  Yes, stranded on the side of the road, 1.5 hours from our destination, 3.5 hrs from home.  What to do?  It was hot, it was muggy, it was NC weather at it’s finest.  There was no breeze and we were in the middle of the intersate sitting under an overpass bridge.  Thank God for cell phones and overpass bridges!

Now in the middle of all this I look at Johnny and he is grinning!  Why was he grinning…I HAD NO CLUE!  But grinning he was.   The hair on the back of my neck started curling (always does when I am too hot for everyone else’s own good).  I had started to sweat immediately.  Not a good thing!  Then next thing I know Jesse is grinning too!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE TWO!!?  I demanded to know what there problem was…they kept smiling!  Maybe they didn’t realize that this was a catastrophe to me.  Oh, not the money or the being stranded, but the fact that my dearest ‘Ol Jeep’ was going to need a heart transplant (new engine) done.  I would no longer know her every sound and every feel.  I could no longer say, “that’s normal” or “I know that is a new sound”  or even “don’t worry, it’ll stop doing that when you hit about 55 mph”.   She would be different and our history together would be gone.  Would I have to crank her in the winter when I was going to be home for a few days straight, or how long would she have to warm up before she was ready for the road?  So many questions and I realized that I was REALLY losing my longest and most trustworthy friend.  Not a happy time for me.

And you ask ‘Why were THEY smiling’…because I had started the trip out with a prayer for patience, and a request from the Lord that he would allow us to get to NC safely.  THEY realized that God had granted both request.  No more and no less.  We were in NC, and I was certainly learning patience.  So what could I do…I got my camera out and decided to take pictures of THEM and all their smiles!  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!  Oh yeah, always pray for specifics, because God definitely has a sense of humor!







Vegetable gardening has taken on a mind of it’s own!  It grows when it wants to, it gets ready at different times, the weeds have a mind of their very own!  And the rocks!!  Did you know that rocks multiply!  Yep, everytime it rains they get together and have baby rocks.  Those baby rocks get big really quick and then after the rain they are all happily sunning themselves on top of the dirt!  I promise you it is true!  No matter how many you pick up and move to new homes, there are still more!  I KNOW they are multiplying!

Anyways…gardening…what a joy to see the fruits of your labor!  This garden is doing absolutely wonderful!  The only problem I have had is with the butter beans.  They just don’t want to come up.  I have replanted 4 times now and am done.  My only fear is that they are late comer-uppers and one day I will walk out there and have a row so full of them that I won’t be able to see the ground at all.  But that would be alright, there would be plenty to can then!

My cucumbers are doing sorta poorly as well.  I think we had a dry spell that lasted too long, and well, I don’t do a lot of watering.  I figure the Good Lord will allow what He wants to grow like it aught to.

So, hope you enjoy all the pictures!  They are a little bit behind schedule as we have already harvested the cabbage.  I will have some funny pictures of that in the next post or two.


my baby watermelon! it’s only about big as a quarter right nowIMG_2687

my 36 bushes of tomatoes, we staked them with tobacco sticks brought home from NCIMG_2121

the first tomatos i saw, oh yeah, don’t you just love the blue tie backs I am using?IMG_2684

this is a pictures of the measly squash and cucumber plants.  not doing too great are they?IMG_2122

here we have the potatoes.  i am going to give them about 3 more weeks and then dig them.  i hope it isn’t too early!IMG_2109

oh yes, bell peppers!  the pepper plants are growing wonderfully!IMG_2688

and then there are the onions…these things are growing like crazy.  must be pretty good dirt on this side of the garden!IMG_1808

hmmmm, lacey collards! THIS is what happens when you get collard worms in the garden!  I was going to pull this one up, but Idecided to use a different strategy.  I pick all the worms off of the others and then I let them eat this one.  i mean, worms gotta eat too right?  well, they have eat this one and left all my other ones alone.  i think i have trained them, sorta like house breaking a puppy!IMG_2692

lettuce, so easy to grow.  only problem with lettuce is that you gotta pick it before it gets hot.  and then you gotta remember to plant only 1 at a time unless you LOVE SALAD for like every meal!  I planted 12 at one time and ended up wanting to never see lettuce again, and throwing away part of it because it rotted in the field.  i will try this again in the fall.  maybe by then i will have quit smelling lettuce upon waking every morning.IMG_1802corn, wonderful sweet corn!  it is growing so well.IMG_2116

corn is sure growing well.  i have 8 rows with 32 hills in each row.  should be plenty of corn!IMG_2680

here we have more collards,  not too much damage to them yet.  i keep the worms picked off of these.IMG_1807

cabbage heads are forming up nicely and you can see a weed there too : (IMG_1805

ah yes!  the brocolli!  I love growing brocolli, I like it and I think it likes me!  beautiful head of brocolli here!IMG_1803

this is the broccoli line here (towards the left of the picture)IMG_2115

these are my string beans.  they are looking good!IMG_2689

once again, my bean rows!  I love the old timey way of putting up bean poles.  we couln’t find trees that we were allowed to cut down for real poles, but the landscape timbers were doable.IMG_2678

and last of all…a panaroma of the garden.  pretty ain’t it?collage

Hi all.  As you can see I have gone back to my old blog template.  I just like it better.  The other one was nice, but I didn’t like the way the gallery of images cut people’s heads off.  Neither did my sister!  So, anyway….we are back at it with this one.  I like it because you can click on the picture to make it bigger if you really want to see them bigger.  But if you don’t then you can still see the whole thing anyway.  I will probably change it again in the coming months, but we will have to wait and see.

The title to this post says exactly what it is about…how I make a spaghetti dinner.  If you are hungry you will have to get up and go get something to eat, so you may just want to take care of that first.  Just looking at these images make me want to go cook again!

It does seem that after such a long time between post that I would start out with something a little more interesting than making spaghetti, but hey, you just never know what you are gonna get from Lorrie Kennedy do you?!  :  )  I have a lot of stuff to blog about, so hold onto your hat and watch for the upcoming blogs!


we start with oregano and basil (these came from my herb garden – I couldn’t cook without one!)IMG_1838

then we have chives, parsley & thyme (once again…compliments of Lorrie’s Herb Garden)IMG_1840

we chop it all up like thisIMG_1848

and thisIMG_1849

then put it all togetherIMG_1850

next is bell pepper and tomatoesIMG_1846

chop them up and also add some white onion (yellow onion will work too)IMG_1856


and Lordy, don’t forget the garlic!  I use a garlic press for this.IMG_1867

then you have your tomato sauce (I use del monte, plain old sauce)IMG_1852

get about 1.5 lbs of lean hamburger meat & fry it until brown (maybe even REALLY brown) lol.  if all you have is fatty hamburger, that works too, but you have to drain the fat off!IMG_1854

one of my secrets…I always add thinly sliced and cubed lean steak.  It gives it a nice touch in the texture and just seems to make the spaghetti more of a mealIMG_1859


i fry it all in my cast iron skillet.  make sure it is really done (i lke mine past done and a little on the crispy side, adds a little flavor to it)IMG_1861

and here we have Jesse.  we try to get his Bible lesson in while I cook supper every night.  it just seems to work for us that way.  ain’t he cute!  and growing up so fast!IMG_1863

next we put it all together.  i do add the onions, bell peppers and garlic first though and cook them a little while with the meat before adding the other ingredients.  looking good!IMG_1865

i cook this for as long as I need to to get it to the consistency that I like it.  I have of course added a little water to it so it can cook without burning.  we like it thick, but still have some juice to flow through the noodles.  in this image it is ready to serve!  OH, I FORGOT SOMETHING….you have to add a dash of sugar, salt, pepper, and Texas Pete.  Only dashes though.  you don’t want to overdo it!IMG_1876

don’t forget to boil your spaghetti noodles.  we like angel hair pasta.  i’m not crazy about those thick noodles that taste like…well…NOODLES.  I want to taste more sauce than pasta.IMG_1875

next…we have the makings for our salad.  spaghetti always deserves a nice salad.  this all came from the garden.  you can get it at the grocery store if you must, but it is better if you go pick it fresh!  lettuce, brocolli, chives, tomatoes, bell pepperIMG_1868


chop it up anyway that you like.  a salad is a personal creation.  no 2 people chop there vegetables the same for a salad, so just go for it!IMG_1873

here we have supper, ready to eat.  i use brightly colored dishes.  it makes me feel good to see all the colors and textures together.  pretty huh?IMG_1878


and for the true test…my wonderful husband.  he loves my cooking!IMG_1882