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May 26, 2009

Today while everyone was gone I had a few moments to sit and ponder on some things.  Pondering time can be pretty awesome.  There needs to be some time in everyone’s day for pondering.  You can’t get too lost in pondering or you will never get anything done, but we still need to ponder.  What do you ponder about?

I ponder on scripture that I read each morning, I ponder on the answers I was given by an Almighty God.  I ponder as to why He loved me (yep, me, with all my sins and many failed attempts at living for Him) enough to hang on Calvary’s cross and die for me.  That is always my hugest pondering.

Then today I pondered on the things I do for the sake of keeping my memories alive.  Some of them are pretty silly things.  Well like…wearing a flannel nightgown in winter and a nylon one in summer (that was what my Mom use to do).  Waking up in the mornings and splashing ice cold water on my face, just to feel that sudden rush of awareness (that was what I saw my Dad do so many times, he even got me to do it sometimes).  How about going barefoot just to feel the early morning dew on your feet (once again, attributed to my Dad).  Never put meat in vegetable soup (you would think that goes without saying huh, it is VEGETABLE soup, but so many people add meat, but NEVER my Mom…so I don’t either…that’s just how it has to be).  Of course there are the frugal things that I do because I want to remember how my Mom and Dad did things…like making my own chicken stock (it is messy, but it sure taste better.  Johnny thinks I am crazy, but then again he likes having a frugal wife).  I grow a garden because that is how I was raised (yeah, it is hard work, but you know, my Dad has a garden every year, bigger than mine, and he is 75 yrs old.  If he can do it, well…I am his daughter and so can I).  And never use a dish rag to clean up something off the floor (my Mom again, funny woman that she is).  I make home made buttermilk biscuit and I still boil tea bags (Canned Whop Biscuit would be easier, and instant tea would too, but then I may forget how to do it the REAL way).  These are just a few of the things I do for the sake of keeping my memories alive.

When you have a moment, sit down, get a big glass of sweet tea, and ponder a few minutes.  It really is good for the soul.

This image is one I took back around 1998.  I had to scan it because it was actually taken with film.  Yeah, waaaay before I went digital!


Farm living…I suppose we have the best of everything right here in our little valley.  I say we are farm living, but that isn’t quite true.  While we live on a farm in a farm house, and we are surrounded by beef cattle, we do not own the farm.  We wish we did, but well, we don’t.  So…we get to play with the cows, feed them if we want to, listen to them low, watch them give birth, but they aren’t ours.  So if the price of beef goes down, we don’t have to be concerned at all.  We have to feel sorry for the farm owner, but that is about it.

We get the blessing of living in a farm house that was built around 1920.  A house that started out with no indoor plumbing, but has been modified.  We have crimped tin roofs, and small windows.  I love our house.  There is history here.  There is even an upstairs area off the kitchen and laundry room that use to be the servant’s quarters.  Now, I have no idea who was the original owner of the house.  So, I speculate often.  I use that area of the house as my “Myspace”.  It is my quilting room and my prayer room.  My favorite place to be (other than with Johnny & Jesse that is).

Since I don’t know anything about the people that built the house, I spend a lot of time making up stories  about them.  I would say that they were a family of 6.  Ma, Pa, 4 children, and 2 servants.  The servants would have been a married couple that never had any children.  They were a kind family, Christians I’d say, that treated their servants well.  The Mammy servant worked in the kitchen and the garden.  She helped with the laundry, but was NEVER made to work alone.  She was really more of a helper for the woman of the house.  Mammy’s husband was to help with the fields and the cattle.  He was the owners right hand man, and even his confidant at times.  Life was hard for the family, rain wouldn’t come for days and they had to haul water from the nearby streams to water the newly emerging corn stalks.

Then, of course, my musings take me off in another direction.  These are the things I think about as I work in my garden.  I like to think that they would have liked me had they of known me.

Anyway….here is a short video I made of Farm Living.  For the images attached in the gallery I set the tripod up and used my remote control to take these pictures as I worked in the garden.  Call it a study in “Self Portraiture”.  Hope you enjoy!


A good Sunday morning to you all!  I am so excited to be going to the house of the Lord today.  I woke up early, and now I have my hair ready, my clothes on, breakfast is done and I am taking a moment to write.  I love this writing thing you know.  Every now and then I get where I don’t write much, but it is usually when I have more other stuff to do, like gardening or quilting.  So many projects, so little time!  Like today after church, we have to take Jesse to his friend’s birthday party, then come home and cut the mustard greens, cook them and freeze them!  Then we are going to get ready to go canoeing tomorrow!  I am so excited about that!  We are going on the Shenandoah River.  Looks like it will be about a 5 hour row.  I want to take pictures, but if I take the camera and we capsize then I am going to be so upset.  I may just have to take the little point and shoot that Jesse owns.  Hmmm, wonder if I can still work one of those!

Anyways…back to the title of this post…The Slamming of a Screen Door….I have screen doors now!  Yeppers, the kind that has a spring on it that makes them slam shut with a VERY LOUD BANG.  The kind that the flies sit on and just wait for you to push it open so they can make a dive for the cooler interior of the house!  The kind that you don’t see sometimes and just run head long into them.  The kind that your Grandmother and Grandfather may have had, or if you are young enough, it would have been your great grandparents that had them.  They are awesome!  You see, we are going to try to make it though the summer here in the Shenandoah valley with no air conditioner.  We want to open all the doors and windows, turn on the ceiling fans (yet to be installed) and just enjoy the natural coolness.  We’ll see!  Some of you know how I am when I get hot and the hair on the back of my neck starts curling.  “Man With Voice of Animal” (that would be Johnny’s indian name [more on that later]) calls me his BEAR TRAP when I get that hot.  He says I snap with the slightest pressure (who me?, not me, so calm and cool and collected all the time).

Back to the screen door…I wanted these doors for many reasons, frugality being the least of these.  It was more for the memories it brings back.  The sound they make as they slam shut so reminds me of my past.  The memory is so early in my life that I can’t tell you where they were made at (we lived in a few different places).  I just remember hearing the screen door slam as my older brothers came in or went out.  Then as my Dad would come home from work.  And above all I remember these words, “Stop slamming the screen door!”  or “Stay in or out, but quit letting the flies in!”  Ahhhh, the memories!  Then to be able to sit in the living room and hear the birds singing, feel the wind blowing , and seeing the cows graze and the butterflies…well…fly!  Standing in the kitchen I have a screen door to open there too.  The screen door lets me still feel like I am outside instead of cooped up in the kitchen, when I burn something it lets the smoke escape, and it even allows me the opportunity to hear the wonderful sound of my husband as he mimics the animals and birds that he hears as he relaxes on the back porch.  Life if so good, especially with screen doors.

And wouldn’t you know it…I took pictures of Mr. Shirley putting the screen doors up!