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Johnny & His Family

April 30, 2009

For those of you that have never met Johnny’s family, here is some pictures of them.  And for those that are part of his family, I hope you like the pictures.  If you want copies of any of these or the slideshow, let me know and I will send it to you.

We’ll see you all when we visit again in May!


Swimming Holes & Hollers

April 28, 2009

Wow, what a wonderful day!  It was 89°, sunny and hot.  I normally do not like hot weather, so I had to find somewhere to go swimming.  As you can imagine, that is not easy to do in the Virginia mountains.  I was not willing to hike to a waterfall, or to anything at all!  It was just too hot!  So, I called a friend that has lived here her whole life and she told me about a place that was near the road.  You could actually park and pretty much be right there.

So I set out.  Windows down, hair blowing, a towel (just in case I found it), a swim suit, my camera, a bottle of water, flip flops and tennis shoes (just in case).  You know, it is hard to get ready for possible swimming in the back woods.  I mean you have to have insect repellent, something to protect your legs in case you have to climb to where you can swim, good shoes in case the flip flops just won’t do, and a gun in case you here a banjo off in the distance.  Know what I mean?

But I did find it!!  It was a lovely thing to behold as the sweat was beginning to trickle down the back of my neck and across my upper lip.  It was accessible by Jeep, so no problem there.  No one else around either!  YEAHHHH, I can wear my swim suit without being seen!  Of course I did take some pictures of it for you.  I stayed about an 1 ½ hrs, got sun burnt, took a short nap, and went home relaxed and refreshed.  As soon as Johnny and Jesse got home we went back.  The water was so cold, but felt SO GOOD!  We had a great time together.  When we left we stopped at a little Mom & Pop store further down the road.  The older man that was running the store asked us if we had been swimming at Naked Creek Blue Hole, we said yep we had.  He looked at us like we had lost our minds.  He seemed to think that everyone was like Virginians and didn’t swim until June when the mountain creeks warmed up a bit.  He doesn’t know how Tarheels do it, but he does now!

Of course…just going to the swimming hole wasn’t enough for me!  I had to explore some.  I found Weaver Holler and Feld Holler.  You can see information about the pictures above each image.  Hope you enjoy!

1.  These trees were on the edge of the creek.img_0876

2.  This is the Swimming Hole – Naked Creek Blue Holeimg_0895

3.  Look how clear it is!  I know it looks green, but it is really blue.  I need to reset my camera maybe.img_0902

4.  See it is getting bluer!img_0880

5.  My gorgeous husband!img_0921

6.  Jesse having a great time too!img_0934

7.  Jesse trying to be sexy!img_0933

8.  I love this picture!  It shows EXACTLY how much fun we were having!img_0928

9.  An abandoned house in Feld Holler!  No banjo music yet!img_0883

10.  Hmmmm…do I hear banjos in the distance?  Yes, someone was actually still living here.  The old man was across the dirt road fishing in the creek.  This was up in Weaver Holler.img_0888

Hi everyone.  It has been a while since I blogged, and well, I just needed the break for a little while.  We went to NC over Easter and then came home.  I was able to see some of my family, and even got a few really great pictures of them.  The visit was too short, then we had to come back to VA.  The bright part of coming back was that I got to see my son (just back from Iraq) and daughter-in-law.  We did a wonderful photo shoot of them.  They were great and the images are pretty awesome.  I have such a handsome son (I know I am prejudice, but he really is handsome)!  And man, my daughter-in-law is beautiful too!  She is eat up with the prettiest freckles I have ever seen.  I know that I am going to have some gorgeous grand-babies one day!  I have made a slide show of Michael and Randi’s photo shoot.  It is pretty good, if I say so myself.  The song fits them wonderfully!  I hope it will load for you so that you can watch it.

When we were home my mom was in the hospital.  It was so sad for me to see her there again.  I stayed a few hours with her, but it wasn’t near enough.  I want so bad to go back and see her soon.  Then there was my Dad of course.  I spent a few hours with him too.  I am so thankful for my parents.  I know that they love me and I love them so much.  Maybe one day we can get back to NC to live.  I want to be there with them in their last years.  It is where I belong.  They took care of me when I was small, and even some after I was grown, and now it is my turn.  I miss them and pray for them each day.  I love you Mom and Dad!!

If you would like to see the slide show of Mike & Randi’s photo shoot, just click on the play button below.  If it is too small for you to see, click on the words “Michael and Randi” and it will take you to a larger version of it.


Michael and Randi