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Best Deal of the Day

February 24, 2009

Hello everyone…today has been an awesome day for me.  I was able to get my Bible Study done, read a little about business management, workout at the Community Center, check out some empty offices downtown Elkton, and clean the house up.  All before my husband got home from work!

Let me tell you about the best deal today though.  Not a big deal to some of you I am sure, but it was wonderful to us!

Before I begin though I need to let you know some history on my husband…he is frugal.  He will buy generic brands all the time, he will always buy the specials and he hates to spend money in the grocery store.  So I just let him go alone when he is willing to go…saves a lot of arguments that way.  I am a name brand shopper.  I like Bounty, Green Giant, Charmin, etc, etc.  I think they do a better job for you.  Now onto the story!

Johnny went to the Foodlion,  you know the one.  It has MVP buys.  The only time I shop there is when they are running really great MVP specials, otherwise I just go to the local IGA store for meats and WalMart for dry goods.  Anyways…when he walked in there was a huge display of cereal.  All of those really sugary, really bad for you, but really good ones.  Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Frosted Bite Size Mini Wheats.  Yum, yum, yum.  Now these normally run about $3.50 to $4.00 a box, so we never buy them, only the off brand ones once in a while, certainly not all the time because we would just eat the crap out of them!

Anyways…on with the story.  The cereals have a really great deal on them…buy one get one free…so two boxes for like $3.52.  Great deal…but it gets better…

There is a coupon on each box for $1.00 off (but only one coupon per customer).  So now we have 2 boxes of this sugary cereal for $2.52!  Wonderful Deal!  But it gets better…

There is a coupon on the shelf where the cereal is for a free dozen of eggs with the purchase of any two boxes of Kellogg’s cereal!  Any size eggs, any brand.  So Johnny comes home with a carton of Jumbo, Food Lion Eggs that are normally about $3.40/dz.   So for $2.68 he came home with 2 boxes of sugary cereal and 1 dz jumbo off brand eggs!  Now folks, that is a deal you can’t beat, even if he did HAVE to get the off brand eggs.

To top it off…when Johnny got home and told me about it, I went and did the same thing.  The only difference was that I got  X-large, Brown, Organic eggs with a name brand!  They normally are $4.12 a dz.!

We considered going again tomorrow, but we decided it wouldn’t be right to be greedy. :  ()

Hope you enjoy today’s images:

1)  Just a butterfly on a weed in the field.  There is even a little moth looking thing on the flower to the right.  Did you see him too?  I didn’t, not until after I got the image on the the computer.  Cool_mg_2988-lomo

2)  These next 2 are jus tof the barn in the front yard.  I sorta like it, as you can tell.  Can’t hardly wiat to have some customers to take down there and pose them against it!_mg_2982


3)  This is our newest addition to the family.  It was about the only way that Johnny could get me to agree to mow the yard!  I love mowing now, but so does he and Jesse!_mg_2950

4)  Just a self portrait, doing what I love to do!_mg_3006

Country Living Series

February 23, 2009

Hello there internet and blog world!  I am up and running, still needing to do some additions to the pages though.  I keep looking for a layout that is more me/Kennedy Photography, but just haven’t found it yet.  I will get there though!  So just bare with the ever changing themes for now please.  If you see a look you particularly like let me know, and I may just keep that one a while.

I have been working on a series of images that represent the simple life and country living.  These images are sorta abstract, but then again, they aren’t.  I am sure that most of you will recognize what these images are.  I am really enjoying this series, even considering making a calendar out of them.  We will see.  I would love to know what you all think, so PLEASE leave a comment of some kind.  Any comment would be better than no comment!











Blue Glasses w/ Diamonds

February 17, 2009

Kennedy Photography Here!  Why not take this opportunity to subscribe to this blog (over there on the right hand side) so that you are the first to know of session specials, giveaways, contests, charity functions, etc from Kennedy Photography.  You can subscribe and also unsubscribe at any time, I won’t give your email address away to any one else, and I won’t badger you with emails begging for you to hire me.  I will, however, present you with the ability to take advantage of all specials, giveaways, contest, etc, etc., as well as the opportunity to get to know me, who I am and what Kennedy Photography stands for.

I just love this new blog!  So user friendly now that I have actually read the instructions on how to set it up!  Go figure…they write instructions for REASONS!

This blog will allow me to include more and more information on it as things progress.  I will post specials that I offer, exclusive photo shoots, and the winners of my free Photo Session Drawings.  Kennedy Photography will be having Exclusive Themed Session, locally, out of town, and even out of state.  These Special Sessions will only have 10 open session appointments.  They are Exclusive because well…I do Custom Portraiture for each family and you need to keep it Exclusive so not every body has something similar!

There have been so many of you that helped me when I was first starting out.  Those of you that trusted me enough to believe in my talent and let me practice on you and your families (and even paid me!), you are the ones that I will honor many times in the future of this business.  That will also be extended to my new location and my first customers in this area as well.  Specifically for those VIP customers…you will have the first opportunity to book for my Exclusive Themed Sessions Dates.  So, be looking for them to come around!

Oh yeah…before I forget….I found something today while surfing the internet…my first pair of glasses!  Let me tell you the story first though!

These glasses popped up on my computer screen and the memories started like a flood.  You see when I was a little girl of about 5 years old there were some pretty tough times for me!  I found out I had to wear glasses, you can imagine the turmoil! I picked them out myself…they were the ones that were shaped like cat’s eyes and they were blue, yep, sky blue. It was my favorite color! If my memory serves me correctly, there were even little diamonds on the rim of the frames. So cool huh! They were thick too! Technology sure has come a long way hasn’t it? They seem to have gotten thinner over the years. I will never forget being 5 years old, 3rd week of 1st grade and walking in with these glasses on.  Kids can be so cruel!  I was so sweet, but so nerdy looking (at least they said I was).  Four-eyes became my new name almost overnight.  I hated school at that point in my life.  I would try to ignore the kids, but it was so hard.  The most humiliating part was when I was hit in the face with a basketball and they broke right in the middle.  I cried, right there in front of all those kids, I cried!  Then it only got worse…my parents taped them back together and sent me off the next day with them on.  Life at school became shear hell for me.  Maybe that is what has made me so strong now! Cool!

I had some relief at home though.  I would just go to my Dad & Mom and ask,  “Do you think I am pretty?”  They would just say “yes honey, you are beautiful”.  That was all I needed, until the next school day anyway!  I know they had to have gotten tired of reassuring me, but they would anyway.  Thank you Daddy & Mama!

Now it is years later and I am not so concerned about wearing glasses.  I have some contacts, but they just don’t feel so great to me.  I tell you though, I would give anything to have those same frames back!  I would look so awesome with them on now!  And sky blue is still my favorite color!

So this morning while I was online, I saw these glasses and they were just like MINE!!  Aren’t they just wonderful.  I really do like these glasses.  Actually I think I will go buy some more like these.  I sure am glad that no one will call me “4-eyes” anymore.  But now I would just bust ‘em in the nose and keep on smiling!